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Chapter 706: Vicious Plan (3)

“Kill someone If I remember it right, it has been some time since you, theGreat Herbalist, have seen some blood, right” The black-robed man laughed.

Jun Mo raised his eyebrows.

“Whether I want to kill someone is dependent on the value of the outcome.

Killing someone insignificant to trade for the loyalty of a test subject, why wouldnt I do it”

“Oh Then who is it that you are going to kill” the black-robed man asked with curiosity.

“A girl from the Vermilion Bird Family of the Longxuan Empire by the name of Shen Yanxiao.”


The teacup that the black-robed man had been playing in his hand fell to the ground.

The next second, he burst into laughter.

“Shen Yanxiao Ha, ha… Shen Yanxiao!”

“What is the matter with him” Jun Mo frowned as he looked at the black-robed man who could not stop laughing.

Ouyang Huanyu wore a warm smile.

“She is someone you cannot kill.”

“Why is that” Jun Mo was surprised.

That black-robed man laughed so hard that he was shedding tears.

Pointing to Jun Mo and then to Ouyang Huanyu, he said, “Interesting, this is so interesting.

One of you wants to kill her and the other wants to recruit her.

Talk about mutual understanding between you two.”

“You want to recruit that Shen Yanxiao” At the mention of that, Jun Mo instantly understood what was happening.

He was surprised.

Ouyang Huanyu would rarely develop an interest in others.

Back in the day, apart from test subject No.1 that was hand-picked by Ouyang Huanyu, it was Jun Mo and the black-robed man who selected the other nine test subjects.

It made Jun Mo curious that Ouyang Huanyu would be interested in a kid that had not reached adulthood yet.

“She is a person with great potential,” Ouyang Huanyu explained.

“Really But I have promised Luo Fan.

What if I just insist on taking her life” There was a gruesome smile on Jun Mos face.

Ouyang Huanyu cast a glance at Jun Mo and replied coldly, “Losing a test subject is nothing to me.

But if you cost me a future Great Summoner, I will take your life.

Trust me.”

There was unprecedented coldness and killing intent carried in Ouyang Huanyus tone.

This horrifying presence was not a match to his kind face.

“… Are you being serious How can you be sure that Shen Yanxiao will become a Great Summoner in the future Before the Warlocks of the Brilliance Continent suffered that huge disaster, there were only three Great Summoners.

Do you think the talent of a kid can equal ours” Jun Mo sneered.

“She is a kid that has become an advanced Warlock at the age of thirteen and a half.

She is more talented than you are.

Of course, I am sure,” Ouyang Huanyu replied.

“An advanced warlock… at the age of 13” In an instant, Jun Mo turned ghastly pale.

The difficulties Warlocks faced in their cultivation were far greater than any other professions.

A Great Summoner was able to defeat five master-hands of other professions of the same level.

It would be hard for Shen Yanxiao to become an advanced warlock at the age of 23, not to mention 13.

Finally, Jun Mo could see why Ouyang Huanyu was so persistent in recruiting Shen Yanxiao.

A Warlock like her was too precious to them.

“Okay, I promise you that I will not harm her.” Jun Mo accepted it without hesitation.

“That being said, to answer to Luo Fan, I will target the people around her.”

Ouyang Huanyu shrugged.

“No problem.

Today, I have come to meet you for two matters.

First, I want to look at the new test subject.

Second, I am here to tell you that we need to destroy Shen Yanxiaos foundation at the Forsaken Land.

I want to drive her to the end of the road so that she will have no choice but to come to me!”

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