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Chapter 701: Undercurrents of Tension (1)

As usual, Fantasy Devil City was lively.

But people in the city still remembered the threat brought to the city by the eight mythical beasts several months ago.

At that moment, the citizens thought Fantasy Devil City was coming to its doom.

However, that stunning girl uttered some provocative words and left with the eight mythical beasts.

The memory of that day was imprinted forever in these peoples hearts

The most affected by this incident was the City Lord of Fantasy Devil City, Geng Di.

The demonstration Shen Yanxiao put on that day showed him the power of the Longxuan Empire, a power that he could no longer compete against at the moment.

Therefore, Geng Di was forced to draw back his forces to avoid gaining attention for the time being.

What Shen Yanxiao said when she left had been lingering in his mind for the past few months.

“When Sun Never Sets construction is finished, I will pay a visit to the City Lord of Fantasy Devil City in person!”

Geng Di sat on a chair in the hall and took a deep breath.

Over the past few months, he would wake up with a start every night, afraid that Sun Never Set would finish all of a sudden, and Shen Yanxiao would lead her eight mythical beasts here.

Geng Di was aware that due to the agreement reached by the four countries, it was unlikely that Shen Yanxiao would come to attack the Fantasy Devil City for real.

That being said, the eight mythical beasts had left an indelible scar in his psyche.

During the past few months, he had sent letters to the Blue Moon Dynasty frequently, begging his father, dukes of the Blue Moon Dynasty to invite powerful warriors to Fantasy Devil City.

Countless letters were delivered, and large groups of powerful people came to Fantasy Devil City in tow.

Yet, none of that was able to calm Geng Di down.

“City lord, Luo Fan, the young master from the Luo Family, is here with his mentor.” A guard came to report to Geng Di in a hurry.

“From the Luo Family” Geng Di frowned.

The Luo Family enjoyed a high status in the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Though the Luo Family did not have a title of nobility, it was still the most renowned family of herbalists in the Blue Moon Dynasty.

A majority of potions provided to the imperial family of the Blue Moon Dynasty came from the Luo Family.

Geng Di met the family head of the Luo Family several times.

The latter was a senior man that could keep his own counsel.

As for this Luo Fan…

Luo Fan was the most promising son of the Luo Family of his generation, and no one could even come close to him in terms of talents in being a herbalist.

However, not long ago, Geng Di heard that while Luo Fan went on a study tour to the Longxuan Empire, he was on the receiving end of a vicious blow.

And the result of that blow was that his abilities in being a herbalist were lost.

It was not a pleasant feeling to fall to the mud from the sky.

But why would Luo Fan come to Fantasy Devil City

If Luo Fan was still in the prime of his strength as in the past, Geng Di was more than happy to get to know this herbalist with great potential.

However, Luo Fan was a good-for-nothing now.

He could not be of much help.

Even so, the strength of the Luo Family was still there.

A moment of hesitation later, Geng Di decided to meet Luo Fan.

“Ask Young Master Luo Fan and his mentor to come to the living room.

I shall be there shortly.”

Geng Di got changed.

No matter how nervous he was when he was alone, in front of others, he was still that supercilious City Lord of Fantasy Devil City!

A moment later, Geng Di arrived at the living room.

Four people were there.

Two boys young of young age, an old man with a straight face, and a handsome man in his twenties.

“I am Geng Di, City Lord of Fantasy Devil City.” Geng Di gracefully introduced himself.

One of the young boys stood up and said in a refined and courteous tone, “I am Luo Fan.

Not long ago, my Family Head received a letter from the duke himself, inviting us to come to Fantasy Devil City.

Today, together with my friend and mentor, I have come.

I shall thank you first for your hospitality.”

Geng Di was surprised by the fact that it was his father that invited Luo Fan to Fantasy Devil City!

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