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In the five days of recuperation period that Shen Qiu managed to get for Shen Yanxiao, other than the usual time for sleep and meals, Xiutrained her for the majority of the time.

Inside the tightly shut room, Shen Yanxiao was dressed in an unlined garment while she sat crossed leg on the bed.

Her body was drenched in sweat, and beads of perspiration were also visible all over her flushed face.

“After only five days, your battle aura has risen to the fourth-rank while your magic is at third-rank.

Since youre a human, I guess this is considered barely passable.” Xius voice was still as ice-cold as before.

Shen Jiayi started her training in magic from a young age, and she had only managed to reach the fifth-rank then while Shen Jiaweis battle aura was only at the fourth rank.

With their achievements, this had made Shen Feng satisfied.

However, Shen Yanxiao only needed five days to ascend from the level of a lowlytrash to her then standard.

Everyone would be shocked if they were to learn about the speed of her training.

To be able to train in both magic and battle aura, and to reach the fourth-rank and the third-rank respectively, what kind of heaven-defying existence was she!

For the common masses, they would have been crowned a prodigy if they could reach Shen Yanxiaos level in either path within five years, let alone to train in both magic and battle aura in just five days.

However, when Xiu described the extraordinary speed, he told her that it was onlybarely a pass.

Shen Yanxiao did not have much understanding about the magic and battle aura ranks of that world.

So, when she heard Xius remark ofbarely a pass, she naturally assumed that her training speed was only average and in turn, she was not amazed by it.

“Lets stop for today.

I have anothertough battle to fight tomorrow.” As she exhaled, Shen Yanxiao collapsed on the bed.

The after effects of training to her extreme limits resulted in an extreme overdraft of her physical strength and mental energy.

She did not know what it was like for other people, but it was too strenuous for her even to lift her fingers.

She was supposed to meet with the Family Head of the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Feng, the next day.

Most likely, he wouldnt let her off that easily for that incident when she trespassed the restricted area.

After all, she was only a helpless idiot and a so-calledtrash that relied on the Vermilion Bird Familys pity for survival.

Shen Feng had no reason to be lenient with his punishment.

With her then plight and ability, she thought that it was not a sensible time for her to reveal her bargaining chip.

Even though Shen Feng would start to take notice of her existence, her peers from the same generation would not be happy to see the emergence of another competitor.

Which third-generation of the Vermilion Bird Family did not wish to be Shen Fengs favorite and to increase their chance to inherit the familys fortune Everyone thought that Shen Yanxiao was an idiot and trash, and therefore she was not on anyones radar.

Other than her usual involvement as the target of Shen Jiayi and her brothers mean hobby, Shen Yanxiaos then plight was not considered as a dangerous one.

However, once she exposed her new-found strength and allowed them to know that she possessed the heaven-defying ability to train in both magic and battle aura, it was likely that they would have no choice but to deal with her.

It was also unfortunate that Shen Yanxiaos parents had passed away, and so, she did not have any powerful support in the family.

When a candidate contested for the position of the Family Head, those who could support their own children would interfere in the contest to root for the candidate of their choice.

Although Shen Yanxiao did not understand how the ranks in magic and battle aura worked, she knew all too well about the dark side of human nature from experience.

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