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Chapter 698: Heinous Plot (1)

Surprisingly, Ouyang Huanyu did not overstay his welcome.

He just rejected the carriage and left at once.

Shen Yanxiao even sent someone to give Ouyang Huanyu some field rations.

As for anything else, she was sorry but Sun Never Sets was still poor.

So, please take these few rations and go!

Shen Yanxiao watched as Ouyang Huanyu rode on the white horse and left the city gates.

Looking at him disappearing over the horizon, she was finally relieved.

She had to admit that talking with this old fox was tiring.

She could already feel her brain cells dying in her short contact with Ouyang Huanyu.

She must eat some pigs brain stew to regain those back!

However, Shen Yanxiao had no idea that Ouyang Huanyu did not go back the way he came from after he left Sun Never Sets.

Instead, he traveled toward a mountain in the south.

Outside Sun Never Sets, demons were lurking everywhere.

The taste of humans was tempting to them.

Demons that were hidden in the dark took a chance and jumped at Ouyang Huanyu on the white horse.

Ouyang Huanyu lifted his eyes.

Seeing some dark figures coming at him, he waved his skinny right hand.

In an instant, the demons disintegrated into dark dust before scattering away in the wind.

If someone were to witness this, their jaws would immediately drop to the ground because Ouyang Huanyu was not using a staff and that he did so without any magical powers in his hand.

Even then, several low-ranked demons had turned into dust.

“Damn, every time I see that, I get this creepy feeling.” Behind a pile of stones, a man covered with a black robe presented himself quietly.

He stood about 10 steps away from Ouyang Huanyu.

Around the robed mans feet, there were piles upon piles of dismembered remains of demons.

Behind the black-robed man, the ground was littered with dead bodies.

Corpses of over a thousand low-ranked demons were placed on the ground in disorder.

Looking at the scene, it was easily inferred that the demons had died a tragic death.

Ouyang Huanyu frowned as he looked at the sea of dead demons.

The black-robed man seemed to have sensed Ouyang Huanyus dissatisfaction.

So, the former hurriedly said, “You have stayed in Sun Never Sets for a bit too long that these demons had enough time to track me down by picking up my scent.

And since I have to wait for you, I thought I should just take care of them.”

Ouyang Huanyus eyebrows were still knitted together.

His voice sounded cold.

“You have created such a huge scene.

What do you think will happen if someone sees this”

The black-robed man shrugged dismissively.

“Is there even a single soul in sight outside of Sun Never Sets in the eastern region of the Forsaken Land Anyways, how did you do over there Is that little Warlock willing to cooperate” This black-robed man was the person that Shen Yanxiao saw in Ouyang Huanyus room that night.

Ouyang Huanyu shook his head.

“The protege of Yun Qi is even more stubborn than he is.

I tried every means, and I even discussed it with her for a long time but she continues to stubbornly reject.”

“Oh Is she another insensible one” The black-robed man sneered, and a glint of killing intent flashed past his eyes.

“Since we cannot use her, then I say…”

“No hurry.” Ouyang Huanyu glared at him before turning to the direction of Sun Never Sets.

“The girl has a strong connection in the Longxuan Empire.

She has become an advanced Warlock at such a young age.

Not even the three of us had such talents back in the days.

At this time, she may continue to resist me, but I dont think she is unshakable.

She is different from Yun Qi.

If we cannot win Yun Qi over, we still have you and him.

But this girls achievement in the Warlock profession is beyond comparison.

If she is trained carefully, given time, she will be more accomplished than you are.”

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