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His grandsons and granddaughters were seated in those carriages, and one of them had become the Vermilion Birds master.

With the mythical beasts help, they would be able to bring the Vermilion Bird Family back to its peak!

Shen Duan stared intently at the first carriage behind the sage as he knew that his son was in it.

When the sage revealed the news about the Vermilion Birds awakening, Shen Duan nearly fainted from joy.

Everyone knew that his son, Shen Yifeng, was the most highly regarded third generation disciple in the family.

He was also the most powerful among the four candidates.

He was sure that it was his son who had successfully signed the contract with the Vermilion Bird!

His son was about to become the future Family Head! That would make him the most respected elder in the Vermilion Bird Family!

Shen Duan was filled with excitement and joy.

He wanted to urge his son to get down from the carriage so he could witness the Vermilion Birds true form.

When compared to Shen Duans look of joy, Shen Yues expression was as dark as the pot.

Shen Yue had not expected that either of his children would be successful in the quest.

He also knew that he did not have a good relationship with Shen Duan.

If Shen Yifeng had managed to obtain the Vermillion Bird, then he knew that Shen Duan would certainly make things difficult for him.

At that moment, even the joyous news about the return of the Vermillion Bird was not enough to make Shen Yue happy.

It was not even his children who had managed to obtain the Vermilion Bird, so why should he be happy

A few moments later, Shen Yifeng walked out from the carriage and dozens of excitable eyes met his appearance.

However, he quickly lowered his head as he did not dare to meet their eyes that were filled with expectations.

Shen Feng and the rest of the family were curious with Shen Yifengs behavior.

Even though Shen Yifeng was usually quite calm and collected, he would not have behaved the way he did if he had obtained the Vermilion Bird.

His evasive behavior raised doubts in everyones hearts.

“Yifeng, youre finally back.

Wheres the Vermilion Bird Why isnt he by your side I guess you have recalled him inside of you.

Haha, you little brat, hurry up and summon the Vermilion Bird so that your grandfather can have a look.” Shen Duan had been overwhelmed with joy, and he had never thought that his son would fail to obtain the Vermilion Birds favor.

Therefore, he did not notice Shen Yifengs abnormal behavior.

Instead, he walked toward him with a smile and urged him to summon the Vermilion Bird.

His fathers enthusiasm made Shen Yifeng even more embarrassed by the situation.

There was even bitterness on his handsome and charming face.

“I…” Shen Yifeng did not know how to answer his father.

Everyone had placed their hopes on him, but he…

Shen Duan finally noticed Shen Yifengs hesitation, and as he looked at Shen Yifengs evasive gaze, he knew that something was wrong.

“Yifeng, dont tell me you didnt obtain the…” Shen Duan was shocked by his own thoughts, but before he could finish his sentence, Shen Yifeng hastily nodded and turned away.

It was as if a pot of cold water had been poured down on him, and it extinguished Shen Duans ecstatic emotions.

How was that possible His son was the most outstanding disciple among the Vermilion Birds third-generation disciples, so how could he not obtain the Vermilion Birds favor How could he possibly lose to Shen Yues children! He knew all about Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiaweis bad conduct and with their mediocre talents, how could they have won against his son!

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