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Chapter 689: Ouyang Huanyu (1)

On that day, the celebration only came to an end in the evening.

The next day, everything returned back to its usual state.

However, Sun Never Sets welcomed an unexpected guest.

Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She could not believe what Evil Wolf was reporting to her.

“Who did you say has come”

Evil Wolf replied, “Well, that person claims that he is the Principal of Saint Laurent Academy, Ouyang Huanyu.”

Shen Yanxiao immediately stood up from her chair.

Ouyang Huanyu was the person who gave her the most headaches back when she was in Saint Laurent Academy.

This sanctimonious principal was a hypocrite inside and out.

Shen Yanxiao could not figure out why Ouyang Huanyu had come to the Forsaken Land.

The Forsaken Land was regarded as a restricted area in all the countries.

Armies were stationed where the four countries bordered the Forsaken Land.

Since the Longxuan Empire had not successfully built a city in the Forsaken Land, anyone that wished to come to the Forsaken Land must receive a pass from the Emperor to step foot onto the Forsaken Land, just like what Shen Yanxiao did when she first entered the Forsaken Land.

She had to report to the garrison at the border.

But for those from the other three countries, including the Blue Moon Dynasty, they could save themselves from this trouble.

The Forsaken Land was perilous to most.

Most people would find it difficult to survive once they arrived at the Forsaken Land.

As such, not even the most fearless mercenary dared to set foot here.

Before a city was built in the Forsaken Land, nobody without a pass was allowed access.

And, at the moment, the Longxuan Empire had not opened up a path to the Forsaken Land to the public yet, so Ouyang Huanyu must have obtained the pass from the Emperor to be able to come here.

But why would he come here

If it was possible, Shen Yanxiao wished that she would never meet this hypocrite ever again.

It took her so much trouble to leave Saint Laurent Academy.

She had thought that she would never have to see this mysterious old man again.

But unexpectedly, he had come to her in person.

“City lord” Evil Wolf found it strange that Shen Yanxiao was frowning so much.

In the Longxuan Empire, Ouyang Huanyu enjoyed high prestige.

It was not only because he was the Principal of Saint Laurent Academy, but also because of his achievements in magic.

He enjoyed praise both in the capital and from the civilians.

Evil Wolf had just met with Ouyang Huanyu just now.

The former thought that this legendary principal had a good-temper and impressive bearings.

He was quite polite too.

So, why would his city lord knit her eyebrows so tightly on hearing the name of Ouyang Huanyu

Shen Yanxiao darted a glance at Evil Wolf.

She was filled with complicated feelings.

Shen Yanxiao knew the true side of Ouyang Huanyu better than anyone else.

The kind and nice exterior was just a facade he put on to deceive everyone.

He delayed the treatment of Yun Qi on purpose and colluded with some mysterious person in private.

Besides, Shen Yanxiao did not forget the conversation between Ouyang Huanyu and that mysterious person that she overheard in Ouyang Huanyus room that night.

She clearly remembered that the mysterious person and Ouyang Huanyu attempted to pull her into their organization.

Shen Yanxiao did not know what they were studying, but she could tell that she would not like it.

The five beasts all came on the news.

They were all aware that back in Saint Laurent Academy, even the subject of Warlocks was taboo.

On several occasions, Ouyang Huanyu almost caught onto Shen Yanxiaos secret.

If it was not for the Moonlight necklace Yun Qi had given her, the fact that Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock would have been exposed to the public before the Inter-academy Tournament.

“Why is Principal Ouyang here” Qi Xias expression did not look good.

Smart as he was, he had no clue about Ouyang Huanyus visits true purpose.

“I dont know.” Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

“Are you going to meet him”

“Since he has arrived, it is going to be difficult for me not to meet him,” Shen Yanxiao replied.

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