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Chapter 683: Is It Fine to be Tsundere Like This (2)

Shen Yanxiao had heard more than enough of these kinds of funny, annoying and cheap excuses.

She was puzzled as to what had happened to these men.

They were just fine not long ago.

Why would they avoid her like a plague these days

She did not torture them, did she

The already depressed Shen Yanxiao became even more so.

She made it her mission to become a city lord that was loved by her people.

However, all of a sudden, she realized that she had become a dreadful monster in the eyes of the people.

She wanted to vent her depression to the beasts but their reaction drove her crazy.

“Really I think you are overthinking about it.

Everyone is fine.

I believe you are just too tired, so get some rest.” Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao with a straight face but his hands were hidden in his pockets.

He would look away from her now and then.

There was something odd about him.

“Are you sure” Shen Yanxiao did not notice the strangeness of Tang Nazhis actions because she was still upset.


You can ask Yu if you dont believe me.” Tang Nazhi nodded quickly.

Yan Yu, who was on the side, cleared his throat.

However, he still sounded somewhat unnatural.

“How about I cast a blessing on you How about you take a rest”

“I am not tired at all.” Shen Yanxiao pulled a long face.

Why did she have the feeling that Tang Nazhi and Yan Yu were trying to get rid of her

Why, all of a sudden, she had become so unpopular

“Well, where are the other two and that dishonest trader I have not seen them since this morning Where did they go and who are they trying to bring a disaster to” Shen Yanxiao looked around but failed to find Qi Xia, Yang Xi, and Li Xiaowei.

Usually, the five beasts were inseparable.

Why would they split up today

“Ah! They, they have… gone to the toilet.

They got sick from some food yesterday.

Well, you know.” Tang Nazhi hurriedly explained.

It was unfortunate that the excuses they came up with were so lame.

“Theyve got the runs… Can you find anything else that is more absurd” Shen Yanxiao did not know how to respond.

Tang Nazhis excuse was no better than that mercenary who had magically become a dad.

“…” Tang Nazhi said nothing.

He gave Yan Yu a pleading look.

Yan Yu heaved a sigh.

“They have something to take care of.”

“Oh.” Shen Yanxiao could tell that Tang Nazhi and Yan Yu were not planning to tell her where the other three bastards had gone to.

Shen Yanxiao had suffered so many setbacks that she had lost interest in probing further.

She felt so depressed that she started slouching.

Those of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group were sneaking around, and the five beasts were being all secretive in their actions.

It seemed that everyone was hiding something from her.

This kind of feeling of not being in on a secret was making her lose her mind.

Shen Yanxiao turned around and left.

She kept on pondering about what had gone wrong.

The other three forces had been behaving lately.

They did not create any troubles.

Pei Yuan and Long Yue had gradually settled down.

Nothing should be wrong on that front either.

That unlucky Li Qi starved to death not long after he was imprisoned.

Shen Yanxiao could not find anything that could have possibly gone wrong.

Sitting inside the city lords mansion that had just been finished, Shen Yanxiao cupped her hands under her chin and looked at Vermilion Bird who was sitting by her side.

“I dont know where Jiu has gone to, and I cannot even find Xiao Feng.

Only you and the little Phoenix are with me now.

What on earth are they doing” Shen Yanxiao sighed.

She had become used to doing everything with her friends.

It was so lively back then.

Sadly, the situation had become cold and cheerless all of a sudden.

To make it worse, the reactions of others when they saw her made her speechless.

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