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Chapter 677: You Wont Die if You Dont Seek Death (8)

“You offered no help, yet you dare to stand there and rob other peoples hard work You claim yourself to be a man of integrity.

So answer me this, why did you turn a blind eye towards this blatant injustice” Qi Xia went on with each of his words continuing to drive a knife into Pei Yuans heart.

Pei Yuan felt deeply ashamed, because everything Qi Xia had said was right.

The treatment Shen Yanxiao had received was much harsher than that of the other champions, maybe even to the extent of cruel.

It was also true that Li Qis accusation was filled with malice and spite despite the other party being undeserving of such harsh words.

Pei Yuan was trying to dodge Qi Xias piercing glare.

The latter just continued with a smile, “The Emperor does not like Xiaoxiao, and you dont like her just because she is a Warlock.

From what I have gathered just from this short instance of meeting you, state teacher, the goal of your trip here is to not inspect, but to secretly plant someone here to take over Sun Never Sets, am I right”

Pei Yuan was taken aback by the truth suddenly spilling out.

Qi Xias intelligence was known across the country, but it was still a surprise that he could have such penetrating insight towards the situation.

“You never planned to accept her and yet, you wish to take away Sun Never Sets after she has laboriously constructed it without a single bit of help from the empire State teacher, dont you think you are being quite underhanded” Qi Xias smile contained the essence of chilling frost.

These were statements Shen Yanxiao could never say, but nevermind, he would do it on her behalf.

He would speak out of all her injustice and the discrimination she had suffered!

“You are willing to treat a girl in this despicable manner just because of her profession.

I am sorry but I cannot stand it, nor accept it.

I am a proud citizen of the Longxuan Empire.

That being said, I will not side with anyone that would stoop so low,” Qi Xia spoke eloquently.

Pei Yuan was rendered speechless.

He felt too ashamed to even show his face.

Each of those words was a slap to his face.

Indeed, he knew very well how unfair this whole matter was to Shen Yanxiao.

Yet, he still silently allowed this mistreatment to continue within his sights and let Li Qi continue his bullying.

“Okay, now that I have given a clear account of the reasons behind my actions, with Yan Yu and the others sharing the same thoughts, listen to me, state teacher, do not fight us.

If you continue to be stubborn in your erred way, we will order our mythical beasts to take you down.” Qi Xia let out a threatening smile.

Pei Yuan felt hopeless.

The five mythical beasts of the five great aristocrat families were enough to overwhelm him.

To make it worse, three other mythical beasts were eyeing him with hostility.

He had no choice.

“Prince Long Yue is innocent.

If you can let us leave, I will not speak of todays matter.” Pei Yuan closed his eyes in defeat.

He had compromised.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the solemn and stirring look on Pei Yuans face and at that dim-witted prince and said, “No.”

“You do not believe me I, Pei Yuan, may have been muddle-headed for a moment but I have always kept my word.

I will never go back on my words!” Pei Yuan said, worked up that someone would further slight his already damaged integrity.

Shen Yanxiao giggled.

“This has nothing to do with whether I trust you or not.

You can control your mouth but can you control other peoples mouths Besides, truth be told, there is someone I never plan on letting go of your side.

Well, previously, I was thinking about dealing with that person after you go back to the capital, but now…”

Shen Yanxiaos voice lowered bit by bit.

The next second, she disappeared from the crowds sight.

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