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Chapter 671: You Wont Die if You Dont Seek Death (2)

From the moment Shen Yanxiao appeared, Long Yue became weird.

He pretended to be calm and put on airs that a prince ought to possess as he looked at Shen Yanxiao.

However, the slight trace of fluster within his eyes betrayed his current stoic expression.

Li Qi believed Shen Yanxiao to have a weak and timid temperament when she remained silent.

As a result, he became even more confident and his words flew out without any holding back.

“The Emperor assigned you this city so its not for you to be a tyrant.

And why are you being so stingy Are these buns even fit for human consumption How did you have the cheek to bring these out to serve the prince and the state teacher Youre really an uncultured brat.”

“Why Its not to your taste” Shen Yanxiao smiled and asked.

“Why are you asking the obvious Quick, throw these out and serve us properly.

The Longxuan Empire has provided you so much preferential treatment and resources, so I dont believe you do not have anything better.

It is most likely you are too stingy and unwilling to bring them out.

Such an inexperienced brat you are, how can you even manage a city with such a narrow mindset” Li Qi angrily spoke.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows as she felt that what he said was simply ridiculous.

Why was she unaware of any of the preferential treatment the Longxuan Empire had provided her And where were those resources he mentioned

“My apologies, I only have these buns and nothing else.” Forbearance was one thing, but for her to obey, that was impossible.

“You!” Li Qi was aggravated.

This Shen Yanxiao was honestly too uncultured.

“Do you believe that I will report to the Emperor that you embezzled the funds that were allocated to you and deliberately tortured the envoy!”

Shen Yanxiao indifferently said, “Please do as you wish.”

If you wish to complain, please do so as soon as possible.

He can say whatever he wants when he returns, as long as he does not get in her way.

Li Qi widened his eyes in anger.

He did not expect Shen Yanxiao to answer as such.

Pei Yuans gaze had been locked onto the demon with an unpleasant expression from the start, and when Li Qi was about to explode, he suddenly pointed at the demon.

“Hes a demon.”

The moment Pei Yuan said that, everyone blanked out.

Shen Yanxiaos heart dropped.

How did Pei Yuan know that he was a demon

“State teacher, what did you say” Li Qi looked at Pei Yuan in disbelief as he suspected if his ears had failed him.

Pei Yuan suddenly stood up and retrieved his staff from his spatial ring.

“Even though a high-ranked demons human form can deceive others, dont even think of hiding from my mythical beasts perception.” Pei Yuan raised his staff and immediately launched an attack.

When the attack came, the demon immediately dodged, and his ghostly silhouette caused the envoys to be shocked.

Shen Yanxiao was secretly surprised.

She honestly did not expect Pei Yuan to possess a mythical beast.

The transformation of a high-ranked demon was very powerful and unless it was a supreme expert or a high-ranked magical beast, no one could detect them.

Before that, Shen Yanxiao never thought that there would be any powerful character in the team of envoys from the capital.

Pei Yuan had maintained silence throughout this whole time so she thought he had not discovered anything.



Pei Yuan was not worried even though the demon had dodged his attack.

Instead, he looked towards Shen Yanxiao and said with a calm expression, “After I entered the city, my mythical beast had sensed the large number of demons inside.

Shen Yanxiao, you clearly mentioned in the letter that you had cleared out the city of any demons, so whats with these demons!”

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