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Chapter 664: Envoy from the Capital (3)

“It was written as such in the letter,” Li Qi honestly replied.

Long Yue asked another pile of questions and Li Qi answered all of them systematically and in full detail, whereas Pei Yuan maintained silence throughout the entire journey and merely kept his eyes closed.

On the 10th day the envoy from the Longxuan Empire had entered the Forsaken Land, Li Qi was on the verge of death due to the rough road.

However, he did not dare to be too whiny in front of the prince so he could only nag by using his concern for the prince as an excuse.

“My lord, weve arrived,” the bodyguard outside whispered.

Li Qi hastily asked Long Yue and Pei Yuan to get up before he dawdled his way down.

After they got down from the carriage, the three of them were stunned by the spectacular sight.

The tall and upright city gates radiated a dazzling luster.

As they stood before the city gates and looked up at the obsidian walls, no one could maintain a calm attitude.

“This is a wall made from obsidian” That was the first time Pei Yuan spoke after entering the Forsaken Land, and it was to point out the material used for the city walls.

“Obsidian” Li Qi blanked out for a moment and soon after, a frown appeared.

“Isnt this city lord too extravagant Obsidian is an extremely rare ore, so how could she use it to build a city wall Isnt she aware that she ought to offer these resources to the Emperor at the very first instance This is simply disrespect to the royalties.” Li Qis objective for his trip was to check the current situation of Sun Never Sets, as Shen Yanxiao had already sent out news that she began the construction of the city only after one month.

The Emperor could not believe his eyes when he first received the news.

Every year, the champions who entered the Forsaken Land had to drag their feets around for a year or so before they could make any progress.

However, Shen Yanxiao merely entered the Forsaken Land for a month and she had already started constructing a city.

Secondly, the Emperor tasked Li Qi to find ways to place their guards inside the city.

True to Yan Yus guess, the Emperor did not intend to give up the opportunity to enter the Forsaken Land.

However, he did not wish to hand over the city to a Warlock.

Therefore, he decided to pull the carpet from under Shen Yanxiaos feet.

If it was true that the city could be completed, he would slowly transfer it under his control.

With the Emperors task at hand, Li Qi naturally regarded the city as a property of the Longxuan Empire.

When he saw that Shen Yanxiao had built city walls that were even more impressive than the capital, he was unhappy.

Shen Yanxiao quickly received a notice that a group of men with the Longxuan Empire banner had appeared at the city gates.

“They sure are quick.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said to Yao Ji beside her, “Order those demons who are unable to transform together with the low-ranked and intermediate-ranked demons to return underground for the time being while the high-ranked demons are to transform into their human forms.

Since the envoy wishes to patrol around, I dont mind acting out a show for him.”

Yao Ji received the order and immediately informed the demons within the city.

After some thought, Shen Yanxiao said to the five jerks who were laughing at one side, “All of you are to wear a disguise.”

“Ah Why” Tang Nazhi was waiting to see the appearance of the envoy but Shen Yanxiaos orders left him confused.

“Your appearances are too coquettish.

Also, Im afraid that the envoy might have seen you somewhere before, and I dont wish to let others know the alliance of the five great aristocratic families yet.” Shen Yanxiao was a cautious person and in front of people who could become her enemy, she would conceal her strength to the greatest extent.

Never ever let your enemy know the number of chips you have in your hand, as that was the only way to obtain

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