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Chapter 663: Envoy from the Capital (2)

The Forsaken Land had once again attracted a new group of guests.

A group of hundreds of men marched into the Forsaken Land, and there was a luxurious carriage in the middle which was the main focus of the groups protection.

A handsome and wealthy little young master opened the window and looked at the outside scenery with his brows wrinkled.

“This is the Forsaken Land Isnt it merely so-so Didnt they say that its extremely dangerous here However, I dont see any demons attacking us yet.” The young man sat down comfortably and snorted rather disdainfully.

There were two more people seated in the carriage.

A middle aged man around his forties looked at the young man and said with a flattering smile, “Your Highness, although the Forsaken Land is dangerous, you have the state teacher by your side.

With his powerful might, no demons dare to approach.” After he said that, the middle-aged man did not forget to fawn at the old man with a celestial aura who was one foot in his grave.

The middle aged man was Li Qi, the special envoy sent by the Longxuan Empire to the Forsaken Land.

After he knew he was sent to this wasteland where it is flooded with demons, he nearly cried.

But unexpectedly, the only son of the current Emperor, Prince Long Yue requested to tag along.

At first, the Emperor was adamant in his refusal.

In the end, he could not win against Long Yues insistence and so, he allowed him to go on under the precondition that the state teacher, Pei Yuan, was to tag along.

People who possess mythical beasts in the Longxuan Empire were all important figures.

For example, the five great aristocratic families, and Pei Yuan included.

Therefore, the Emperor ordered Pei Yuan to tag along with Long Yue to ensure the safety of the prince.

Pei Yuan indifferently glanced at Li Qi and said nothing.

“The state teacher is naturally powerful.

I just wonder what kind of brat that girl named Shen Yanxiao is, to be capable enough of constructing a city in the Forsaken Land.” Long Yue was currently fifteen years of age, an age where he was curious about everything.

The moment he heard that a fourteen-year-old little girl had built a city in a place like the Forsaken Land, he was shocked.

“Shen Yanxiao is from the Vermilion Bird Family, and I was not present at the tournament.

As for how she won, I have no idea,” Li Qi smiled and said.

His words revealed a slight hint of a bribe.

“Oh Could it be that the Vermilion Bird Family bribed the other participants” Long Yue detected the hidden meaning behind Li Qis words.

“I didnt say that.” Even though Li Qi answered so, both his expression and tone of voice seemed to confirm Long Yues guess.

The participants of the annual Inter-Academy Tournament were the elites of various academies.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao was merely around the age of fourteen at that time.

How could she have possibly defeated all the elites No one in the capital believed that she relied on her own abilities to obtain victory, as all of them were more inclined to believe that it was the Vermilion Bird Familys head, Shen Feng, who had secretly manipulated the tournament just so that he could bolster the reputation of his family.

“I thought she was very powerful.

So it turns out, she merely relies on her background.” Long Yue snorted in disdain.

“Thats right, how can that little brat compare to Your Highness If not because the Emperor forbade Your Highness from participating, the champion of the tournament would definitely be you.” Li Qi hurriedly flattered the young prince.

Only by buttering up the future Emperor would allow him to have a great future ahead.

“Thats right.

It is written in the letter Shen Yanxiao sent to my imperial father that she has successfully entered Sun Never Sets” Long Yue had always been at the top, even among his peers.

He believed he had the best talent among peers around his age, so he could not accept the fact that someone had surpassed him.

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