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Chapter 661: Constructing a City that Would Never Fall (3)

Demons would always be a target of fear in the hearts of humans.

The battle between demons and humans was comparable to the fight between the God race and the Devil clan.

They are basically like fire and water.

Before Shen Yanxiao, there was basically no one else who would possibly accept demons.

She was definitely the first human in history to have done that.

“I have already asked them to relocate the lower-ranked demons to the underground city.

For high-ranked demons, they should not be easily discovered.” Shen Yanxiao had also thought of that aspect and so, she had already allocated those dark element-loving demons to the underground city.

She only discovered the underground city not long ago, and the living condition there was much more suitable for demons to live in.

The demons can choose to be active either underground or above ground in the morning, but they would have to return underground at night.

High-ranked demons could freely change their appearance, eliminating the possibility of getting discovered.

Unless they were to encounter any supreme experts, they could live freely above ground.

“This is a good idea, but you have to guarantee that in the early stages of trading, the demons must not be discovered.

There would be many caravans coming here for an examination in the early phase and only after information about the abundance of resources in the city spreads out, will there be people willing to come here.

If they discover the demons after arriving here, it wouldnt really pose a problem by then,” Qi Xia smiled as he explained.

“I will pay attention to that.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

In any case, she would never give up her plan of rearing demons.

Xius strength had recovered at a rapid speed for the past few days, and he would be able to undo her next seal very soon.

“In any case, this is not urgent.

It would take another five months for the completion of the city.

Youll have all the time to uncover the resources in the Forsaken Land.

Believe me, the wealth this place can bring you definitely exceeds your imagination.” The keen senses of a merchant had allowed Qi Xia to find wealth in this barren land and right now, it was up to Shen Yanxiao to grasp it.

In fact, the reason why the four countries had painstakingly tried to reclaim the Forsaken Land was because the resources here were too rich.

Once they successfully reclaimed a piece of land, then the entire country might possibly undergo a dramatic change.

The Seventh Kingdom was a very good example.

It was originally an alliance composed of seven small states.

Compared to the three huge mountains: the Longxuan Empire, Blue Moon Dynasty and the God Wind Alliance, it was as small as a sand.

It was not until dozens of years ago when the Seventh Kingdom successfully reclaimed the Dusk City in the Forsaken Land did they gradually develop further to become the fourth country that was on par with the other three giants.

The Longxuan Empire failed to reclaim a city in the Forsaken Land for a long time which resulted in a gradual decline of their top seat as the number one country.

As a result, the Emperor became as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof.

“Thats right, have you sent that old guy, the Emperor, any news after arriving in the Forsaken Land for so long” Qi Xia asked.

That old guy, the Emperor…

Shen Yanxiao turned silent.

Are you sure its not a problem for you to blatantly refer to the Emperor as that old guy

“Ive sent a letter two days back, but I doubt Ill receive any response.

The Emperor doesnt really look highly upon me, else he would not have given this city to me.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

In any case, she did not expect her home country to provide any assistance.

If Du Lang had not reminded her the need to go through the required procedures, she would not even recall writing any letter for the Emperor.

“Is that so.” Qi Xia touched his chin and entered a deep thought.

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