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Chapter 660: Constructing a City that Would Never Fall (2)

When he heard that Shen Yanxiao had pushed the problem to him, Su He could only helplessly smile with a somewhat pale complexion.

A short moment later, Su He was encircled by a group of professional architects as they scrambled to inquire about the ore reserves of Sun Never Sets.

From Su Hes detailed run down, they finally came to realize that the Forsaken Land was also filled with wealth besides danger.

Various precious rare minerals were basically as common as ordinary stones here and they could obtain as many as they needed.

The only problem was that they needed to send some minors to dig it out.

That piece of information caused these groups of architects to wept, as they would have to dig their wallets if they wanted to use a single piece of obsidian outside of the Forsaken Land.

Not to mention how many benefits Qi Xia and the rest had given them so that they would enter the Forsaken Land, they would never leave even if they were chased out.

It was to the extent that they were determined to remain here even if they had to be shameless.

The rich mineral reserves here were absolutely sufficient for them to construct a dream-like city.

A never seen before unbreakable city!

The hot-blooded architects seemed as if they had been injected with drugs as they rapidly created blueprints for the entire city.

Due to the fact that the shape of Sun Never Sets was of a circle, they started their blueprints with the central tower and planned for construction of houses in its surrounding.

Moreover, they kept the original city gates and made a direct pathway from the front gates to the central plaza until the back gate.

The architects boldly and decisively planned for the prototype of the city on a piece of paper while Su He led mining teams to continue digging up minerals.

Everything progressed in a good direction.

The five jerks went to look for Shen Yanxiao at that moment to discuss about the future development after the construction of the city was completed.

“What ideas do you have” Shen Yanxiaos head swelled from the barrage of questions from batches and batches of workers for the past few days.

Yin Jiuchen currently stood behind her as she gently used her hands to rub Shen Yanxiaos temples.

“Do you intend to build this place into an independent castle or you plan for it to be a real city” As the young master of a merchant family, Qi Xia had a great insight into the development of a city.

“Of course its a real city.

Im not itching for a war so why would I want a castle Moreover, there are many mouths to feed in my city, and even though my current finances could guarantee food and clothing for several years, it is still essential for them to survive on their own in my city.”

“Then it is necessary to open a trade route in order to attract merchants along with their commodities for them to go through here.

Or perhaps we can directly develop the characteristics of the Forsaken Land to attract those profit-seeking merchants.” Qi Xia did not have a single ounce of pressure when he mentioned the wordprofit-seeking, as if he had completely forgotten that he was the greatest crafty merchant in the Longxuan Empire!

“The characteristics of Forsaken Land Demons” Tang Nazhi giggled.

“If you wish to buy them, I can sell them to you.

On the account of our friendship, Ill give you a 20% discount!” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Thanks, but my tastes are more on the bland side.” Tang Nazhi waved his hands.

“Demons cannot be sold as commodities.

However, they are indeed a problem.

Even though we have accepted the demons here, it does not mean the same for others.

If you wish to attract merchants, it is not enough to have lures.

If the merchants enter the city and discover that it is flooded with demons, Im afraid they might be instantly frightened out of their wits.

And soon, the news of the city being filled with demons would spread throughout the entire Brilliance Continent and by then, only ghosts would come here to do business with you,” Qi Xia lazily said, but his words had pinpointed a crucial problem.

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