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Chapter 656: The Might of Eight Mythical Beasts (3)

The cries of a dragon, a phoenix and a tiger…

The deafening cries of the beasts overturned the cannons fixed on the city walls!

The citizens of the Fantasy Devil City covered their ears and crouched down in fear from the roars of the mythical beasts.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the results in satisfaction and soon after, she lowered her hand and all the roars stopped in a split second.

As she signaled for the Vermilion Bird to fly forward, Shen Yanxiao soon arrived at the entrance of the city.

The gorgeous lady stood against the wind unyieldingly and the strong winds blew against her fine black hair.

She towered from high above, looking at the crouched citizens on the ground and said, “I am Shen Yanxiao, the city lord of Sun Never Sets.

Tell your city lord that when Sun Never Sets is completed, I will certainly personally pay a visit!”

Personally pay a visit!

Everyone listened to Shen Yanxiaos declaration while trembling.

Even though her words appeared to be polite, but with her current visage and tone of voice, it seemed to be more of a threat than anything.

Having their faces trampled on and allowing their opponents to toot their horns in the face of their city, Fantasy Devil City had basically embarrassed themselves to the extreme.

However, no one dared to utter a single rebuttal at that moment as it would be of no difference to seeking death.

With the emergence of eight mythical beasts, all experts had turned into dregs by comparison, so who would dare to utter a single word of rebuttal

Shen Yanxiao looked at the silent city and a smile of absolute confidence curled on her lips before she directed the Vermilion Bird to turn around.

“Lets go!”

With a single command, eight massive beasts orderly left the city.

One by one, the domineering mythical beasts gradually disappeared from their vision.

But even until Shen Yanxiao and her party had gone far away, the citizens in the city were still too afraid to move.

Geng Di who was surrounded by a group of bodyguards arrived late, and as he looked at the citizens gathered near the gates, he revealed a gloomy expression.

“What the hell is going on!” Geng Di hollered.

The guard in charge of the city gates frantically ran down from the walls and came to Geng Di in a pant.

“Reporting to the city lord.

Earlier… earlier on there was a girl who brought… brought eight mythical beasts to our city gates.”

“Ei-eight mythical beasts Are you sure you are not mistaken” Geng Di looked at the guard in astonishment as he suspected if he was still dreaming.

Was he trying to joke with him! Was that guard playing around with him

Which girl would be so powerful to be capable of bringing along eight mythical beasts

“Yes, I am certain.

Everyone at present had seen it clearly.”

Geng Di gasped.

He could not imagine which force had the capability to gather eight mythical beasts.

Solely based on the Brilliance Continent alone, the number of mythical beasts every country possessed was within single digits.

Eight was basically the total sum of mythical beasts a single country possessed!

“Wheres the mythical beasts and the girl” Geng Di had difficulty breathing.

Regardless of the girls identity, with such a powerful lineup of mythical beasts behind her, he could not afford to offend her no matter what!

“She… she left…”

“Left” Even a clever man like Geng Di could not understand the purpose behind her actions.

She came to their city gates in the middle of the night with eight mythical beasts, but in the blink of an eye, she returned What did she come here for

“She… she left a word for you before she left,” the guard nervously spoke.

“For me What words” Geng Di was even more confused.

He did not remember meeting any such powerful person

“She… said she is Shen Yanxiao of Sun Never Sets.

Moreover, after the completion of her city, she will personally pay you a visit…”

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