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Chapter 654: The Might of Eight Mythical Beasts (1)

Shen Yanxiao had called for the five jerks and two Phoenixes before she left the city.

Du Lang was very worried, whereas Jiu Shu cleverly dumped Lan Fengli together with Shen Yanxiao to go on their trip towards Fantasy Devil City.

No one knew why Shen Yanxiao brought them to the territory of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

They only knew that every decision of hers would always end up with a shocking result.

For example, after the six wolves returned to the city, they still remembered the scene where Shen Yanxiao stopped hundreds of arrows with her bare hands.

Moreover, she even changed the directions of the arrows.

After that incident, the position of Shen Yanxiao in their hearts had evidently risen to an omnipotent God.

If not for the fact that they feared Shen Yanxiao might beat them up, they would have already jumped at her feet and worshipped her.

When they returned to the city, they immediately recounted the domineering scene of Shen Yanxiao to the other members.

With their spittles flying everywhere, their vivid description had caused the other teams to thump their chest and stamp their feet in frustration for the fact that they did not personally witness their city lords domineering power!

Wuuwuu, city lord, can you please fight once more We would like to have a look!

Shen Yanxiao and her party rode on the two Phoenixes towards the south of the Forsaken Land.

With the Phoenixes full speed, they had already arrived at the gates of the Fantasy Devil City before midnight.

Even though it was late at night, the city was still bright with lights.

If one had forgotten the fact that this was the Forsaken Land, it would be of no difference to a normal city when looked from afar.

Several cannons were mounted on the walls and the soldiers who were guarding the walls patrolled around.

Despite the recent silence, they took their jobs seriously.

“This is the Fantasy Devil City Its so-so.

Its really small compared to Sun Never Sets.” Tang Nazhi sat on the back of the Phoenix, and as he looked at the city that was only half the size of their city, he snorted in disdain.

Little did they know that the surface area of Fantasy Devil City was the norm in the Forsaken Land.

The Sun Never Sets was an exception of that norm that only the other four main cities could compare with it.

However, those main cities were forbidden areas, and not a single country dared to have designs on those areas.

There were over tens of thousands of demons there, so it would definitely be a difficult hassle to clear the place.

No one dared to take on the task of reclaiming the five main cities unless they were tired of living or their brain had a screw loose.

Shen Yanxiao settling the demons inside Sun Never Sets was absolutely a feat no one had ever seen before!

“Xiaoxiao, dont tell me you brought us here in the middle of the night to enjoy the night view” Yang Xi chuckled.

Shen Yanxiao raised her brows and said, “Enjoy the night view No, were here to display our might!”

The next second, Shen Yanxiao waved her hand.

As the Vermilion Bird was connected with her, he immediately understood her intentions and transformed into a flame that hovered in the skies.

The dazzling flames lit up the skies, reflecting the red clouds.

“Display of might I like it.” Qi Xia smiled and directly summoned Qilin!

A golden light shone and a large beast gradually formed in the skies.

A turbulent wave was formed as a loud furious roar sounded through the skies.

The water element within the air instantly condensed into silver clouds as it hovered around the golden light.

After the light faded, a golden Qilin suddenly appeared in the skies.

A dragon head, a tigers back, a deers body and golden scales could be seen all around its body.

Its feet stepped on four different clouds and his figure was just like a large mountain!

“It seems like we cant stay idle either.” Yang Xi stood up from the Phoenix and immediately summoned the Azure Dragon.

In an instant, lightning flashed and thunder roared, brightening up the entire horizon.

After which, a huge dragon peeked out from the clouds.

As it hovered in the skies, its dragon claws seemed to be grabbing onto lightning bolts!

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