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Chapter 648: Mythical Beasts for Sale (3)

Orochi immediately dodged the Vermilion Birds attack.

When he looked at that furious little guy, Orochi stroked his chin.

“You look familiar.”

The Vermilion Bird sneered and said, “What a joke! Its a pity this lord did not bake you lecherous snake back then!

Orochi raised his brow.

“You are Vermilion Bird”

“Thats me!”

When she realized that Orochi and the Vermilion Bird were about to start a fight, Shen Yanxiao did not care that she had beenteased.” Instead, she was more interested in what the Vermilion Bird had said.

“The both of you knew each other”

“Yes.” The Vermilion Bird snorted unhappily as he tried to wipe Shen Yanxiaos chin with his small hands.

It was as if he wanted to wipe where Orochi had touched.

“Seems like you do not have a good relationship.” Shen Yanxiao allowed him to do as he wished.

“This jerk is on the Devil clans side in the past,” the Vermilion Bird said.

“Devil clan”

When he saw that everyone was looking at him, Orochi shrugged and said, “Each to its owner.

Unfortunately, that master of mine did not manage to escape, and he passed away in the human world.

Therefore, I was left to his descendants.”

Tang Nazhi gulped as he looked at Li Xiaowei.

“Brother, was your teacher a descendant from the Devil clan”

That piece of news was too sensational.

“I dont know.” Li Xiaowei was also in the dark about that.

“Even if he was a descendant from the Devil clan, he was still human.

After so many generations of reproduction and integration in human society, the Devil clans bloodlines should be close to none.” Qi Xia kept his cool.

“So, why did you summon me If you have any requests, I can help you, but I want this human.” Orochi pointed at Shen Yanxiao.

“You motherf*cker…” The Vermilion Bird almost pounced on him again, but fortunately, Shen Yanxiao managed to stop him.

“Brother Orochi.

You wont be able to want her.

Other than the Vermilion Bird, she has two other mythical beasts…” Li Xiaowei could not bear Orochis flirting, so he decided to be honest with him.

He knew that Orochi could not afford to provoke that beautiful girl.

She had three mythical beasts with her, and they could slaughter Orochi in minutes.

“Oh” Orochi raised his brow.

Even though he was lecherous, he was no fool.

Therefore, he obediently skipped over that topic.

Of course, if he dared to continue teasing Shen Yanxiao, the few young men there would have summoned their mythical beasts to deal with him.

Li Xiaowei told Orochi about Shen Yanxiaos plan.

It did not seem like he had any problem with it as he had only one question.

“Can I eat them”

“…” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

He did not expect the mythical beast to be so direct.

“Yes.” Alas, Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She did not intend to let any of her enemies go anyway.

“Remember, after we left the city, if you encounter an enemy, dont let a single one go.

Slaughter every single one of them!” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

It was her first time with an order to kill.

She understood that her hands would be stained in blood after that.

However, so what

“Even with your two Phoenixes and Orochi, you still lack two more to lead the team,” Qi Xia said.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, “The Vermilion Bird shall lead a team, and Little Feng and I will lead the other two teams.”

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