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Chapter 647: Mythical Beasts for Sale (2)

Li Xiaowei scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “My teacher had given it to me, but our relationship is not as good.

I will have to discuss with it.”

He even had to consult with his mythical beast before he could make a decision None of them had ever encountered that situation, and thus, they were amazed.

The Vermilion Bird, who crouched beside Shen Yanxiao, revealed an expression of grief.

How different was it with another master! He even asked his mythical beasts opinion before he made a decision.

His tyrannical female master did everything according to her own accord!

Even though Li Xiaowei hung out with ordinary folks with his mother, he got to know a rather powerful Great Archarcher.

His teacher taught him well, but unfortunately, he had passed away due to an illness.

His teacher had given his magical beast to Li Xiaowei just before he died.

Tang Nazhi knew about that, but he had never seen Li Xiaowei summon his magical beast.

He also did not know the level of his magical beast.

He had only learned that his brothers magical beast was of mythical level too!

“What magical beast is it” Shen Yanxiao was rather curious.

There were only a few mythical beasts in the Longxuan Empire, and those who owned one were all from the aristocratic families.

Had Li Xiaoweis teacher been so low profile that no one knew about him

“Its…” Li Xiaowei looked at them and said, “I better summon him.

I can also discuss it with him in passing.”

The rest of them nodded in unison.

They were extremely curious about what other mythical beasts there were in the Longxuan Empire.

Li Xiaowei took a few steps back and slowly summoned his magical beast.

A dark fog hovered in mid-air before it gradually settled into a human form.

A tall, frosty-looking young man appeared in front of them the very next second.

The young man had a headful of black hair down his back.

His complexion was pale, and he only wore a pair of elegant and loose black trousers.

There was also a gold belt that hung loosely on his waist.

His jaded-green snake eyes looked exceptionally enchanting.

“Stinky brat, why did you summon me” The snobbish, extremely cool, and explosive mythical beast stared impatiently at Li Xiaowei.

It was indeed hard to determine the beast and the master from their interaction.

“Brother Orochi, my friend has something to discuss with you.” Li Xiaowei looked bitter as he spoke nicely to the magical beast.

“Orochi Could this be the Yamata no Orochi from the legends” Qi Xia quirked his brows as he realized something about the magical beast.

When he heard someone call out his name, Orochi glanced at him.

Its vertical pupils were incredibly creepy.

As he glanced at the humans, a certain glimpse of a figure had attracted Orochis attention.

Similar to a ghost, Orochis tall statue flashed past and appeared before Shen Yanxiao in a blink of an eye.

His slender and white fingers lifted Shen Yanxiaos jaw.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at that exceedingly gorgeous human.

“Ive not seen such a delicious human for a long time.” An ambiguous smile blossomed on his lips.

That scene had shocked everyone on the spot!

It was their first time seeing a mythical beast teasing a human!

“You motherf*cker had better loosen your hands!” The Vermilion Bird immediately exploded and shot two fireballs to greet Orochi.

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