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Chapter 644: Phantom Reunion (2)

Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth in surprise.

No words could describe the shock she had experienced at that moment.

She had fumed with rage just moments before, and she had wanted to attack the other three cities.

Then, her comrades had suddenly appeared with a large number of resources and talents.

She never expected someone would support and help her like that.

“You all are jerks.

Even if you do this, I am still not moved!” Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth to stop her tears.

“Ha! Who wants gratefulness Silly girl.

Weve brought all of our belongings to come under your wing, so youll have to take good care of us in the future!” Qi Xia stroked Shen Yanxiaos nose tenderly when he realized that she was about to cry.

Shen Yanxiao was not one suited for such an expression.

She should jump around all day with a heartless attitude and do things that would shock the world.

“Hey! Do all of you honestly intend to stay here” Shen Yanxiao sniffled.

It was hard for her to accept what they had said.

All of them were already contracted to the mythical beast of their family; they were meant to be their familys head.

It seemed like they had abandoned their family and academics to be with her.

She was worried about them.

“Of course! Its a rule for all members of our Phantom group to enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together.

We cant possibly leave a small girl like you to suffer here, right” Tang Nazhi smiled.

He sounded like an older brother.

Li Xiaowei stood at the side as he listened to their conversation.

Tang Nazhi had dragged him along to join the Phantom, and so he had spent quite some time with them.

He had seen those young masters run around for the past month.

He was curious about their relationship; he wanted to know why they would give everything to help Shen Yanxiao.

Perhaps it was friendship.

The kind where you called them brothers-in-arm.

Du Lang was shocked by Qi Xia and the others arrival, but they soon recognized those young mens identities.

“The Azure Dragon Family, the White Tiger Family, the Black Tortoise Family, and the Qilin Family… the young masters from the five great aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire are all here!” Du Lang was shocked.

Those five great families represented the top forces of the Longxuan Empire, and there were rumors that they did not get along with each other.

However, he did not expect he would have the opportunity to see them gathered there that day.

Furthermore, they were there to help Shen Yanxiao to rebuild her city!

They were the most elite and influential families in the Longxuan Empire, and they had extremely terrifying abilities that no one could imagine.

“Are they here to help us” Evil Wolf gulped.

For a mercenary of his level, he was rarely in contact with anyone from the five great aristocratic families.

Therefore, he found the scene hard to believe.

“Since they came here to help the city master, it means that they are here to help us!” Du Lang was filled with all sorts of emotions.

It meant that they could finally speed up the construction of the city; their immediate problems would be resolved!

The three countries would not attack them if they had the support from the five great aristocratic families in the Longxuan Empire.

Furthermore, they had brought more talents with them!

With their help, the speed of construction of Sun Never Sets would take a qualitative leap!

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