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Chapter 641: Fury (1)

The moment Shen Yanxiao appeared, Du Lang and his men immediately made way for her.

Su He and his team were on stretchers, and each of them had several arrows on their bodies.

It was evident that archers had injured them.

Dozens of stretchers were laid horizontally around them.

Blood had soaked their clothes, but the arrows embedded in their bodies had yet to be pulled out.

Su He had taken more than forty men when he set off, but only a dozen of them had returned.

There were also about 200 demons that tagged along with the team, which included two high-level demons.

The moment they saw Shen Yanxiao, they immediately knelt on one knee and cried, “City master, it is our fault.

We did not manage to protect them.

Please punish us!”

Shen Yanxiaos complexion turned blue as she looked at Su He and the rest of the team.

They were still unconscious, so she suppressed her internal rage and asked, “What happened!”

The two high-level demons looked guilty as they answered, “We were headed toward the new mine but we were suddenly ambushed.

Hundreds of archers had appeared, and they started to attack the humans.

They did not attack any demon, so it was clear who they had targeted.”

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

Demons had a powerful perception, and two high-level demons could cover hundreds of meters of distance.

However, they did not even see their opponents tracks.

It was apparent that the attackers had done something to avoid the demons.

Shen Yanxiao immediately thought of the bewitching powder.

It was the only thing that could completely avoid a demons detection.

“Get them treated and the rest of you, follow me”!

Her heart burned with rage when she saw the pale faces of Su He and his team.

Even though she had bought them as slaves, she had treated them fairly as ordinary people.

More than 20 lives were lost in one single ambush; if she could overlook that, then she should not be Shen Yanxiao.

After Su He and the others were sent for treatment, Shen Yanxiao immediately gathered the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group and all the high-level demons in the Sun Never Sets.

“The other three forces must have done this.

However, it seemed like they had deliberately concealed their movements.

They even launched their attack from a distance and immediately retreated after that.

It would be hard to determine their origin.” Du Lang furrowed his eyebrows.

That attack was a massive blow for them.

They did not even know if the rest of the mining team had survived the attack.

Shen Yanxiao was extremely furious.

She had always been able to protect her own people; as long as it was someone from her city, she would never let anyone harm them.

“Identity I dont care who launched that attack.

None of those three forces will escape the blame!” Shen Yanxiaos murderous tone exclaimed.

“It must have been because of our rapid development.

They wanted to hinder us.

Due to the agreement between the four countries, we cannot afford to act so rashly.

If they can find our weakness, theyll use it to suppress us.” Du Lang knew that Shen Yanxiao was angry, but it was a complicated situation.

Even though the attackers had launched a sneak raid, they could already guess the culprit behind that.

However, they had no concrete evidence, and even if Shen Yanxiao wanted to take revenge, it would most probably backfire.

If that were to happen, even the emperor of the Longxuan Empire would not be able to protect her.

The other three countries would use it as an excuse to launch a joint attack on the Sun Never Sets.

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