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Chapter 635: City Construction (6)

The scout, who was on his knees in the hall, gulped in fear.

Geng Di found his words hard to believe.

Even he, who had witnessed the Sun Never Sets situation with his own eyes, found everything surreal.

Yet, no matter how unlikely it had seemed, that was the fact.

“City master, the demons in the Sun Never Sets… they are still there.”

“Still there” Geng Di frowned as he went on, “If they have not eliminated the demons, how are they building the city”

The scout replied, “They are building the city… with..

the demons.”

Geng Di jumped from his chair when he heard that.

He was dumbstruck, and he almost grabbed the scout toward him.

“Building the city with the demons Do you take me for a fool”

“No, I would not dare lie to you; I am telling the truth.

None of us understood what was going on, but we noticed that the demons in the Sun Never Sets never attempted to attack the humans there.

They are even helping them with the construction.

We observed them for a while, and every day, dozens of teams would set off to different areas in the eastern region for mining.

Each of those teams has more than a hundred of low-level demons and some middle-level demons with them.

Those demons would even help them transport the minerals on the way back, and none of them were aggressive toward the humans.” The scout was about to break into tears, but he was honest with his words.

He was also surprised by what he had witnessed.

The scouts observed the situation for several days.

They even began to wonder if anything had happened to their sights.

Since when did the ferocious demons start to help the humans instead of eating them

“How is that even possible” Even though it was a weird situation, Geng Di believed that the scout would not dare to talk nonsense.

“Demons are helping them to rebuild the city Even with the Demon Confuser, they could only stop the demons from picking up their smell.

Why would they help the humans” Geng Di was baffled; the whole situation was very mysterious.

The rivalry between demons and humans had lasted for over a thousand years, and it was not something that would change overnight.

Why was the situation in the Sun Never Sets so absurd

“Keep an eye on them and let me know immediately if you have any news.” Geng Di sat down with worry.

He had never expected Shen Yanxiao to achieve progress so quickly.

He thought it would take her at least a year or two before she could begin to rebuild the city.

Geng Di was so convinced that he did not tell his men to take any actions toward Shen Yanxiao.

He had wanted to wait and see.

However, the Sun Never Sets progress had developed at an unimaginable speed, and it worried him.

He was concerned that the Sun Never Sets, a city that he had no control, would achieve overnight success.

“City master” Qu Rui, who had completely recovered from his injury, stood aside in the hall.

He looked at the temperamental Geng Di with extreme caution.

Geng Dis eyebrows furrowed.

Then, he asked Qu Rui, “When you met that girl the other day, was there anything about her that stood out”

Qu Rui gulped in fear before he answered, “The girl was pretty, and she had two mythical beasts with her.

Other than that, there was nothing suspicious about her.” He thought it was weird when he heard the report as well.

He believed that Geng Di would avenge him and teach Shen Yanxiao a lesson.

However, it seemed like everything he had heard that day was crazy.

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