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Chapter 631: City Construction (2)

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Since they had enough workforce, the reconstruction of the Sun Never Sets could officially begin.

The Forsaken Land was a vast area with a sparse population.

The abundant resources there were inexhaustible, so it was more efficient to use local materials than to transport materials from the Longxuan Empire.

They would need stones, bricks, and tiles to build a city.

Shen Yanxiao assigned jobs to the three thousand slaves.

One thousand of the slaves were sent to the eastern region for mining and excavating stones.

Five hundred slaves would stay with Uncle Nine and the villagers to farm the uncultivated land and plant crops outside the Sun Never Sets.

Of the remaining 1500 slaves, 500 were females.

Shen Yanxiao asked for those female slaves specifically to be in charge of logistics and prepare food for the other working slaves.

The remaining one thousand slaves were assigned to the construction of the Sun Never Sets.

Shen Yanxiao ordered them not to build houses for the moment and concentrate on the city wall first.

The order almost made members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group cry.

After Shen Yanxiao gave her command, the mercenaries raised their head and shouted.

How long would they have to continue to live in the slum

The dilapidated building meant that they could be crushed to death at any minute!

However, Shen Yanxiao was determined to build the city wall first.

All the people… and demons in the Sun Never Sets sprang to work after she assigned the tasks.

While the demons could not devote themselves to the construction, they could move and transport materials.

Those who were in the mining team were divided into twenty smaller groups of 50 people.

An advanced demon, five middle-level demons, and a hundred low-level demons would travel with each group so that the other demons in the field would not attack them.

Shen Yanxiao allocated an area outside the city for planting crops.

She had brought a large amount of food with her, but her citys population had reached over three thousand.

The food she had could sustain them for a while, but it was not a permanent solution.

Luckily, she was intelligent enough to buy many seeds before her journey to the Forsaken Lands.

Give them fish, and you feed them for a day; teach them how to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.

Sustainable development was the rule!

At the Sun Never Sets, the slaves were also paid for their work.

Shen Yanxiao was not one who would oppress and exploit the slaves.

She also offered them food and clothes.

She allowed them dignity.

Each day, after the slaves finished their job, Shen Yanxiao would give them five gold coins each.

They could not spend it in the Sun Never Sets yet, but it would soon demonstrate its value.

The slaves were grateful for what Shen Yanxiao had done.

They were convinced that they would live out the rest of their lives in that slave market with a total absence of justice.

Even if they were lucky enough to be bought, they would still have to continue their lives with no dignity nor human rights.

Shen Yanxiao had freed them of their identity as slaves.

She had done more than that; she respected them and recognized their value as a person, just like everyone else.

She gave them gold coins, and it was something that the slaves had never thought they would own.

Five gold coins for a days work.

They could earn ten gold coins after a two-day work; it was the same as the selling price of the slaves!

The slaves were incapable of feelings because they had no hope.

However, Shen Yanxiao had given them hope to live like an average person.

They could see a promising future ahead of them.

Their depressed hearts would be awakened again.

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