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Chapter 628: A Competition of Wealth (3)

The gold coins on the ground could dazzle ones eyes.

The merchants had begun to drool in their mouths and see stars in their eyes.

When Shen Yanxiao stopped, those merchants crawled their way to the small hill of gold coins and looked at the God of Wealth as if they were her lackey.

They respectfully said, “Beautiful lady, you are the noblest being in the entire world.

Are you seriously going to buy the two slaves with so many gold coins”

They asked as they wiped the saliva from the corner of their mouths.

They were only one step away from stuffing the gold coins into their mouths.

Shen Yanxiao threw them a casual look and delivered her response calmly.

“Of course not.”


Everyones jaw dropped the ground.

What kind of answer was that

She was the one who displayed a waterfall of gold coins after that young man showed off his ten thousand gold coins.

How could she deny it so soon

The smile faded from the merchants faces.

Shen Yanxiao stroked her sleeve and went on, “I have 130,000 gold coins here.

Based on the market price, which is ten gold coins for one slave.

If you can get me 13,000 slaves, then you can have this money.”

“Wh… what” Those merchants wondered if there was something wrong with their ears.

They pulled a long face as they asked, “But werent you competing against that guest for the slave”

Shen Yanxiao blinked and patted her forehead.


Well, I forgot.”

Those merchants felt like they wanted to cry.

How could she forget something like that Did she want to trick them

“Well, then, deduct 10,001 gold coins for the two slaves.

You can get the rest of the money by giving me enough slaves.

I can accept that.” Shen Yanxiao proposed as if she was open to discussion.

Her words annoyed those fat men.

What was with the 10,001 gold coins

Shen Yanxiao grinned.

“Well, that guest said he would buy the slaves with 10,000 gold coins, right I will offer 10,001, which is higher than his price.

He did not add more.

Naturally, this should be the transaction price for the slaves.”

“But… but…” The fat men almost burst out in tears.

Shen Yanxiao did not say how much she would pay for them.

That was the whole point of the show.

Since she did not say anything, nobody knew what her offer was.

They must have been amazed by a display of endless flow of gold coins.

No one thought that something was amiss.

If Shen Yanxiao had said that her offer was 10,001, that young man would have to be a fool to give up his offer.

Since she did not say that, people assumed that the stream of gold coins was the price she offered.

It did not only scare the young man away, but it also made the merchants incredibly happy.

The 10,001 gold coins for one slave was a high price.

That said…

Who could accept her answer after they had seen the small hill of gold coins

Did she not want to pay 130,000 gold coins for one slave Was she not supposed to be wealthy

Shen Yanxiao found a loophole, but nobody could say anything against that.

The merchants were still sad as they collected the money that was rightfully theirs.

As for the rest of the money, they could not take it.

They only have a few hundred slaves.

Where would they find more than ten thousand slaves for her

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