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Chapter 620: Fantasy Devil City (3)

“We have rules here in the Forsaken Land.

Since she does not understand the rules, as seniors, we must teach her a lesson.”

“Send a report to the northern and western region.

Tell them that some kid has decided to come to the eastern region.” Geng Di put his hand under his chin.

A wicked smile appeared on his lips.

The little miss must have lived luxuriously in the Vermilion Bird Family, right

She had mistaken the Forsaken Land as a garden in her family.

She had two mythical beasts to protect her.

So what At the Forsaken Land, any accident could happen.

“Yes.” The imperial bodyguard accepted the order.

The Forsaken Land had its rules, and no one should violate them.

An outsider, no matter how strong, should always respect the local customs.

The strength of the force behind her was not important because the Forsaken Land was an area isolated from the outside world.

It was impossible to rely on ones familys strength to build a city there.

Only the exceptionally powerful people could keep their foothold there.

It was incredibly tough to rebuild a city in the Forsaken Land.

It did not only require wealth and manpower; one must have enough strength as well.

Aside from the dilapidated towns, they also had to be prepared for any demon attacks.

Demons were the real nightmare in the Forsaken Land.

Geng Di had gone to great lengths to obtain the recipe for the Demon Confuser.

That was how he could build the city in such a short time.

However, not everyone could have the Demon Confuser.

That new fellow probably did not have such helpful items.

Geng Dis eyes looked like those of a vicious viper.

In his mind, that young lady from the affluent family would soon become prey in his claws.

He would make it clear to Shen Yanxiao that she must comply with their rules if she wanted to survive the Forsaken Land.

If she failed to see his point, then he would have to teach her a serious lesson!

Fantasy Devil City was not the only party that enjoyed the eastern regions resources.

Forces in the west and north were involved as well.

None of the three forces would allow the delegate of the eastern region to gain a foothold there.

Otherwise, they would have to bid farewell to a large number of resources.

Only those who lived in the Forsaken Land knew that the eastern region had the most resources in the entire Forsaken Land.

The eastern region had become a piece of meat that nobody was willing to give up.

“Listen up!” Geng Di shouted.


“I need someone to keep an eye on the eastern region.

Find out which city Shen Yanxiao is in.” A plot had brewed, which was evident by the looks on Geng Dis feminine face.

Step by step, he would drive that poor little guy out of the Forsaken Land.

Not long afterward, two cities in the western and northern regions received news from the Fantasy Devil City.

The guest from the orient was waiting for them towelcome her.

After they received the news, the city masters of the northern and western cities sent their trusted underlings to the eastern region to monitor Shen Yanxiaos activities.

Far, far away in the Sun Never Sets, Shen Yanxiao had zero idea that three different forces had targeted her simultaneously.

It was merely the beginning.

At the Forsaken Land, the curtains of war had just been lifted.

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