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Chapter 619: Fantasy Devil City (2)

“Four… four…”

Geng Di stood up from the chair with a whooshing sound.

He was boiled with anger, so he grabbed the cup on the table and threw it at the mans head.

“Four people! Are you a bunch of garbage How can four people defeat 200 people Why should I keep you around” That had to be the funniest joke that Geng Di had ever heard.

The strongest people working for Qu Rui were at the middle-level of their professions, but there were 200 of them.

They should not have been pushed into such a tight corner by a mere four people.

“My Lord, I said it wrong… I said it wrong.” That person put his hand over the bleeding wound on his head, remained on his knees, and begged.

“Wrong” Geng Di sneered.

“Not… not four people, but two people and… and two mythical beasts.”

The words mythical beasts struck Geng Di like a bolt of lightning.

Surprise emerged in the depth of his eyes.

“Mythical beasts”

“Yes… yes.”



Geng Dis face clouded.

The previous delegates from the Longxuan Empire were powerful, but none could gain a foothold after three other forces forced them out.

However, it looked like things were different.; two mythical beasts had shown up.

They could not underestimate that.

Besides, the new delegate was upright and frank.

It was a surprise that she dared to confront other forces in public just as she had arrived at the Forsaken Land.

Perhaps she had overestimated her strength or was just overly confident.

“Give me a detailed account of everything that had happened, from the time they appeared to your return.” Geng Di realized that a person with two mythical beasts was not someone to be taken lightly.

That person had to blurt out everything to the city master.

When they fought Shen Yanxiao, Qu Rui was the only one injured.

The rest died on their way back to their city.

They were in too much of a hurry when they fled from the mine.

They forgot to pick up the Demon Confuser from the tents.

Therefore, on their way back, the demons had discovered their tracks.

They were assaulted by many demons, which was the cause of their tremendous loss.

When they encountered the demons, Qu Rui had almost recovered from the first wound.

However, he passed out again from exhaustion from the subsequent battles.

So, the Blue Moon Dynastys losses were not directly linked to Shen Yanxiao.

Unfortunately, Geng Di had different thoughts.

“You are telling me that that person is a teenage girl” Geng Dis mouth twitched.

If it were not for the fact that he knew his man would not lie to him, he would have regarded it as a joke.

“Thats right.”

No one could tell what was in Geng Dis mind.

Every delegate from the Longxuan Empire were champions for the Inter-academy Tournaments.

What changed Why would the Longxuan Empire send a teenager to the Forsaken Land Had they decided to relinquish their right in the Forsaken Land, so they just sent a random person

It seemed odd.

“What was her name” Geng Di questioned.

“Shen Yanxiao.”

“Shen” Geng Di squinted.

There was only one family that could use that surname in the entire Longxuan Empire.

“She is from the Vermilion Bird Family, isnt she No wonder she is so pretentious.” Geng Di sat down on his throne and crossed his legs.

The look on his face indicated no good intention.

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