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Chapter 618: Fantasy Devil City (1)

At the southern region of the Forsaken Land, a dignified city stood on the crumbling earth.

The city belonged to the Blue Moon Dynasty, and it was known as the Fantasy Devil City.

A team of servants fatigued from a long journey dragged their exhausted bodies to the city gate.

The soldiers stood on the city wall and looked at those people for a long time, but they could not tell who they were.

They were filthy, and they were covered in so much dirt that it was as if they had crawled out of the mud.

“Hurry and open up.

Young Master Qu Rui is back.” The man threw himself to the city gate and was practically crying.

When they heard the name of Qu Rui, the soldiers opened the city gate at once.

Two people carried Qu Rui into the city.

“What happened” Surprised, the soldier at the city gate stared at the team of people who looked like drowned rats.

He knew that, half a month ago, Young Master Qu Rui led more than 200 people to the mining area.

How did he get in such an awkward predicament

Also, why did only about dozens of them come back to the city

“Hurry… Tell the city master that we were attacked,” the man who carried Qu Rui stuttered.

Qu Rui had already passed out.

The soldiers sent someone to report to the city master.

A beautiful and slightly feminine man was sitting in the hall.

The exquisite white clothes gave him an incredibly noble and sacred look.

He was the city master of the Forsaken Land, Geng Di, son of a duke of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Thanks to his strength, he became the blue-eyed boy for the Emperor of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Ten years ago, when he was only 22, he successfully built the Fantasy Devil City at the southern region of the Forsaken Land and was titled an earl of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

He had continued to stay in the Fantasy Devil City for the next ten years to explore uncultivated soil at the Forsaken Land for the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Nobody knew that an earl with awe-inspiring fame had such a feminine face.

The overly tender look had always been a thorn in his heart.

At the moment, Geng Di squinted his eyes, which usually indicated danger, and looked at the men who knelt in front of him.

“What the hell is going on More than 200 people left the city, and you only brought back 53 people!” Geng Di was furious.

He could not figure out how he lost half of the mining party.

Furthermore, Qu Rui was still in a coma.

It was arguably the most significant loss that Geng Di had ever suffered since the city was built.

“Well…” Those men shook in fear.

Geng Di might have looked feminine, but he was capable of horrible means.

Everyone who worked for him would have to exercise great care.

“Tell me! If you cannot explain it, I will kill all of you!” Geng Di bellowed.

“We were mining in the eastern region.

Everything was going well until a Longxuan Empire delegate passed by us.

She saw us mining in the eastern region and told us to go away.

Young Master Qu Rui argued with her, and then… a fight broke out.”

“Delegate for the eastern region” Geng Di squinted his eyes and sneered.

“Where did that punk come from How could she defy the rules like this Why didnt she do some research before she came to the Forsaken Land Which delegate from the Longxuan Empire dares to insult us How dare she tell our people to go away She must be tired of living! How many men did she have in her team”

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