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Chapter 617: Partner with Demons (3)

The next morning, Shen Yanxiao was woken up by a shrill cry.

She opened her eyes and saw a terrified Evil Wolf as he stared at a low-level demon crouched by his bed.

That low-level demon held some strange-looking fruit in its hands and looked at Evil Wolf in confusion.

The low-level demon slowly put down the fruit, turned around, and ran out.

“It scared me!” Evil Wolf patted his chest; his heart still fluttered with fear.

Nobody would stay calm when they woke up so early in the morning to see a demon right under their noses.

“Well, that demon is just trying to give you something to eat.” Magic Wolf looked at the fruit on Evil Wolfs bed as he made fun him

“Piss off!” Evil Wolf glared at Magic Wolf grumpily.

Evil Wolf glanced at the fruit on the bed.

He found it hard to develop an appetite, so he just ignored it.

Every day they spent in the Sun Never Sets was a massive challenge to their psychology.

“It looks like that little guy wants to express his thanks to Evil Wolf.” Before she knew it, Freud had gone to Shen Yanxiaos bed.

He leaned against the wall and looked at the Evil Wolf with a grin.

“Thanks” Shen Yanxiao found the word interesting.

Freud said, “Yesterday, when you were talking with the Enchantress and the others, some low-level demons were tidying up things in here.

A rock fell off from the ceiling and almost landed on that poor fellow.

Evil Wolf kicked that demon away just before the rock landed on the ground.”

“…” It was a surprise to Shen Yanxiao.

For one thing, rocks could fall from the ceiling of that jerry-built project! They were fortunate that the ceiling was firm enough to last through the previous night; no more rock fell.

Otherwise, many would have been crushed to death in their dreams.

For another, it turned out that low-level demons knew how to be grateful.

So, minus the hostility, the demons were not foolish.

“But I dont suppose Evil Wolf realized this,” Freud went on with a smile.


“Because to you humans, all low-level demons look the same.”

That was right!

Shen Yanxiao did some stretches before she got up and went out.

Jia Lan and the other four demons had been waiting outside for a long time.

They decided to wait for her in case they would scare the other people.

“Things are looking good.

They have all accepted your terms.

But they wanted a taste of the dark elements before they work to their death for you,” Jia Lan said.

The negotiation between demons was much simpler than that between humans.

As long as there was enough benefit, everything could be negotiated.

“No problem.

Tell the advanced demons in the Sun Never Sets to gather at the plaza in the afternoon.

I will fulfill their wishes.” Shen Yanxiao was in a good mood.

Everything was about to be ready.

When she was done with all the demons, she could start building the city.

“Sure.” The five demons looked solemn, but they were secretly thrilled.

Yes! Finally, they could eat the delicious dark elements again!

That afternoon, all the advanced demons in the Sun Never Sets came out of hiding.

The air was heavy with a profound sinister aura.

All the low level and middle-level demons were too terrified to come out from their hiding spots.

Advanced demons enough to destroy half a country had gathered at the abandoned plaza in the Sun Never Sets simultaneously as they waited for the revelry to come.

In the auditorium, Du Lang and the others heard the animal-like howls and screams from a distance.

There was excitement in the shouts, but they could also make people shiver in terror.

Nobody knew about Shen Yanxiaos plan.

All they knew was that they would have to coexist with the demons!

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