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Chapter 614: Negotiation (3)

The twin demons looked at each other.

Slowly, they gave up the names of the most powerful demons in the Sun Never Sets.

According to the twins, they were two of the top five demons in the Sun Never Sets.

The other three demons strengths were similar to them, but if the twins were to join their hands, they could handle them easily.

The twins decided to demonstrate their power in front of Shen Yanxiao in case other demons would swoop in and rob them of the benefit.

They knew that it was essential to follow the person who would be breeding demons!

The four talked for a long time, and Du Lang and the others felt like they were on an emotional roller coaster.

Their trip had been smooth and steady, but somehow, it did not feel right.

People usually regarded the Forsaken Land as a restricted place as they were worried that the demons would devour their bones and remains as soon as they stepped onto the land.

However, when Du Lang and the team entered the city, everything seemed quiet.

Was it appropriate to bend ones arms around the demons shoulders like that

A moment later, Jia Lan and Jia He, who wore similar complicated expressions, followed Shen Yanxiao to her team.

The mercenaries of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group put on even more complex expressions on their faces.

“Well, from now on, Jia Lan and Jia He will be our allies.

The demons in the Sun Never Sets will not attack us if they were with us.

I hope you can be kind to each other and love each other from now onward,” Shen Yanxiao said as she beamed with a bright smile.

She wanted humans and demons…

To be kind to each other and love one another

How could her words sound so horrifying

Whether the humans could accept it or not, it had become a fact.

Jia Lan and Jia He did not walk nearer the crowd as they feared that they would frighten those fragile human beings.

They did the smart thing to stand with Freud; since the humans could accept Freud the demon, they should be able to accept them as well.

The twins were unaware that Du Lang and the others thought Freud was a human being until about half an hour ago.


Forget it.

It was a depressing subject!

Shen Yanxiao was free of any psychological burdens.

She knew that it would be unrealistic for Du Lang and the others to accept demons as one of them so quickly.

There would be ample time for the two sides to get acquainted.

Shen Yanxiao did not mind the embarrassment between the demons and her fellow humans.

She told Jia Lan and Jia He to show her to the other three advanced demons in the Sun Never Sets.

It was only the beginning of a frightful journey for Du Lang and the rest.

Everyone felt their brains had stopped working when they walked past the streets crowded with demons as they pressed on amid the demons greedy stares.

They even saw an advanced demon with glamorous looks by the door of a worn-out building.

It had become a routine to receive such astounding news.

Nothing else could shock them.

Let it all break in fury!

Du Lang and the others watched quietly as Shen Yanxiao took the three advanced demons with her and met with another three advanced demons.

Du Lang and the others felt as if their world views had become entirely twisted.

Since when could demons and humans engage in such friendly encounters

‘Xiaoxiao, you are something else.

Did your family know that

At dusk, Shen Yanxiao brought her team to some shabby auditorium for a rest.

Every person on the team felt like they had never been so scared in their lives than that day.


Du Lang stared at the air with a stiff face as a low-level demon with some hays bounced past him.

That demon worked with the other low-level demons to preparebeds for the humans on the auditorium floor.

Somehow, Du Lang felt as if a lifetime had passed.

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