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Chapter 604: Hidden Peril (2)

“So what” Shen Yanxiao replied with a question.

Du Lang looked at Uncle Nine and then at Shen Yanxiao.

“What Uncle Nine meant is that while those people may not be master warriors, no ordinary folks could successfully build a city in the Forsake Land.

They have support from their main cities.

The people we see here today are merely some minions.

It is not hard to deal with them, but you will provoke the powers above them.

If they decide to retaliate against you, then you will find it hard to build a city here.” Du Lang explained on behalf of Uncle Nine.

Du Lang and Uncle Nine had experienced many setbacks in their lives, and they were amazed by Shen Yanxiaos strength and abilities.

At the same time, they were worried that Shen Yanxiao might be indiscreet in many matters because she lacked the experience to do that.

As the lord of the Forsaken Lands eastern region, Shen Yanxiao did not do anything wrong that day.

However, they knew that they were the weakest force in the four countries.

The lords of the other cities around the area might even try to cause them troubles.

They knew everything about the Forsaken Land, while Shen Yanxiao had zero knowledge about it.

Whether it was about the timing, geographical location, or workforce conditions, Shen Yanxiao was at a disadvantage.

She could retaliate, but she must only do so at the right time.

Self-imposed hardships to strengthen their resolve was something they had to do.

Du Lang and Uncle Nine shared the same concern.

They had not even arrived at the city, and they had already offended the Blue Moon Dynasty.

It was not a piece of good news.

Du Lang and Uncle Nine would lose their minds if they learned how Shen Yanxiao had cut off the marquiss sons left ear.

“Are you saying that I am supposed to suffer in silence and say nothing when they are making endless exorbitant demand” Shen Yanxiao looked at Du Lang and Uncle Nine emotionlessly.

It was a fact even though they knew Shen Yanxiao disagreed with it.

They nodded.

It was a new beginning for them, so they had to remain humble.

Shen Yanxiao snorted and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Maybe you are right, but this is not something I desire.

I am not here to be controlled by someone else or behave according to other peoples wills.

I am here to build a city and force that belongs only to me.

It does not matter if this is a beginning or the end; no one can bully me.

If I give in now, I will guarantee that I wont be able to build my city.”

Shen Yanxiao went on as she kept her eyes on Du Lang and Uncle Nine.

“Many people will see the points you made.

I believe that Longxuan Empires previous delegates understood your point as well, but where did that get them They still could not establish themselves here.”

Shen Yanxiao looked up and stared at the dark clouds.

“The other three countries will never allow someone from the Longxuan Empire to build a city in the Forsaken Land, no matter what I do to them.

They are already used to exploiting resources in the eastern region for themselves.

How could they allow someone to rule over them here Regardless of my attire, they will do their best to obstruct my work here.”

“Id rather make it clear that I, Shen Yanxiao, am not someone to be bullied and submit to humiliation.

That way, they will have to think about their actual strength even if they wanted to do something to me.” Shen Yanxiaos eloquent speech surprised Du Lang and Uncle Nine.

Shen Yanxiao was more visionary than them.

Those were not words that should come out from a teenagers mouth!

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