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Chapter 599: Plunderer (3)

“I am afraid I am not that tolerant.” Shen Yanxiao snorted with contempt.

She headed toward that crowd with Lan Fengli and the two Phoenixes.

Those people were transporting obsidian by the truckload, and a handsome young man of considerable status stood at the mouth of the cave as he directed the men.

“What are you doing” A pleasant female voice leaped into the young mans ears.

He turned around and saw Shen Yanxiao, who had suddenly appeared not far from him.

He gasped when he saw her.

She had such a delicate face as if it had been carved from white jade and such rosy lips that looked so alluring that she did not need to apply any lip color.

Her crystal-clear eyes also seemed like they could speak.

She fascinated him.

Why would such a charmingly beautiful girl go to the Forsaken Land

For a moment, the young man lost himself in her beauty.

He never knew that such a breathtakingly gorgeous lady could exist in the world!

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

The young mans lustful look annoyed her.

The young mans heart skipped a beat when he saw the pretty lady frown.

He smiled handsomely as he greeted Shen Yanxiao, “My fair lady, why would you come to this uncultivated land I am Qu Rui, the oldest son of Marquis Qu Xun of the Blue Moon Dynasty.” Qu Ruis pretentious salute, clean clothes, and good manners made it clear that he was a young master from a noble family.

However, the greed that glistened in his eyes was equally disgusting.

Qu Rui was proud of himself; Marquises enjoyed high status in the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Most ladies would comply with his needs when they learned that he was the son of a marquis.

So, he waited for Shen Yanxiao to display the same kind of surprise and admiration.

He knew that it was rare to meet a pretty girl in the secluded and unfrequented wasteland.

If it were not for the fact that he had no idea who the girl was, Qu Rui would have taken her away immediately.

The oldest son of a marquis Shen Yanxiao had heard stories about the Blue Moon Dynasty.

The hierarchy in their community was different from the ones they had in the Longxuan Empire.

It was similar to the western countries in the world from her previous life.

The marquis was second only to the prince and duke.

She could tell that the Qu Rui was a silver-spoon kid as he did not neglect to mention his fathers titles in his self-introduction.

“Oh I have never heard of it.

Anyway, the eastern region of the Forsaken Land belongs to the Longxuan Empire.

Isnt it against the rule for a citizen from the Blue Moon Dynasty to mine here” Shen Yanxiao smiled coldly.

She did not care if Qu Rui was the son of some marquis or duke.

She would chop his hands off if he dared to reach into her territory!

Qu Rui was taken aback.

The girl had accused him of invading the Longxuan Empires territory instead of trying to cozy up to him, even after he revealed his identity.

“Thats interesting.

Miss, you may not know this but the Longxuan Empires territory has been deserted for a long time.

The people they sent had been too weak to utilize any of the resources here.

Wouldnt you say that its better if I extracted the resources to benefit the entire continent than to let those useless people waste them instead” Qu Rui tried to describe himself as a person with a generous spirit.

“Useless people” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

She looked at the trespassers who had stopped in their work and then fixed her eyes on Qu Rui with a cold glare.

“Then we must thank the Blue Moon Dynasty for being so considerate to the Longxuan Empire.

However, from today onward, all of you will have to excuse yourselves from the eastern region!”

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