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Chapter 597: Plunderer (1)

The air was quite polluted within the bounds of the Forsaken Land.

Everyone could feel some coldness from under their feet.

The dark earth was overgrown with weeds, and the dark green plants looked ghastly.

Strange plants grew quietly among the rocks, and the breeze sent off a sickening smell as it blew over the plants.

Shen Yanxiao sat in the carriage and stared at the corrupted scene outside the window.

Lan Fengli was quiet as he sat with her.

“Something is staring at us.” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

He could sense many eyes in the darkness, and they glared at their team eagerly.

Freud leaned against the carriage seat and casually said, “Some low-level demons are heedless of consequences.”

Freud hardly finished his words when he released a strong aura.

The next second, those strange stares vanished utterly.

The demons that hid in the darkness left once they detected the strong aura.

They were only low-level demons, and they were in awe of those who were more powerful.

They could not even set foot at a place where high-level demons roamed without permission.

Uncle Nine threw a look at Freud.

The former had already noticed something off about the young man, but he said nothing.

He continued to compare the view outside the window against the map that Shen Yanxiao gave him.

“At our speed, It will take us another three days to reach Sun Never Sets.

The horses can sense danger and so they are not moving fast.

I suppose well have to sleep outside for the next few days.”

Dangers lurked in the Forsaken Land.

While they had more than 100 people in their team, it would not compare with tens of thousands of demons.

“Freud is here; those low-level demons will be too afraid to come any closer.” Shen Yanxiao was not worried.

As long as they did not run into high-level demons, Freud would be the best protection for their team.

No low or middle-level demon would dare to challenge the authority of a high-level demon.

“Were not afraid of the low-level demons, but there are many high-level demons here in the Forsaken Land.

They are smart and dangerous.” Uncle Nine cautioned her.

“We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I will not let anything bad happen to us before we arrive at the Sun Never Sets.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

There were high-level demons there, but so what As long as they did not come in groups, the three mythical beasts and one advanced demon could eliminate all and any threats.

Uncle Nine did not say much more as Shen Yanxiaos confidence reassured him.

When he first joined the team, he noticed that the couple with Shen Yanxiao were not ordinary folks, and the young man named Freud was likely a high-level demon.

Uncle Nine could not imagine what kind of courage and power Shen Yanxiao had to convince a high-level demon to join them.

Freud had behaved himself.

He had no intention of attacking anyone and would follow Shen Yanxiaos every command.

No one else in the Brilliance Continent could control demons.

How did Shen Yanxiao do it

Uncle Nine got even more curious as he spent more time with the girl.

He wondered about her terrifying powers.

She had mythical beasts and high-level demons to support her, and she was proficient as a warlock too.

Plus, she was not even an adult yet.

How could she have such strong support

Along the way, the other demons scattered when they felt Freuds overwhelming presence.

The mercenaries sitting in other carriages felt strange.

They thought that they would engage in fierce battles as soon as they were in the Forsaken Land.

However, they had not seen a single demon.

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