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Chapter 580: Conspiracy (2)

“Yes, I do.” Shen Yue nodded.

Shen Duan sneered.

“The Forsaken Land is where the demons run amok.

For thousands of years, less than three people have succeeded in building cities there.

Throughout all those years, many winners of the Inter-academy Tournament had also lost their lives there.

It might happen to Shen Yanxiao too.”

Shen Yue was surprised.

“Second Brother, are you saying that… we should wait till after Shen Yanxiao arrives as the Forsaken Land”

Shen Duan raised his eyebrows.

“Why not We are not in a good position to do anything here.

But no one is there to protect her in the Forsaken Land.

She may have the Vermilion Bird, but so what Demons are not the only dangerous things in the Forsaken Land.

There are dark magical beasts from the underground too.

Those magical beasts have their territory, and they will not allow humans to breach into their territory.”

“One more thing, dont forget that Shen Yanxiao is a warlock.

What can a warlock achieve in the Brilliance Continent I dont think we are the only ones praying for her death.

I believe even the emperor has a headache because of her.

Tomorrow, I will send someone to ask for a meeting with the emperor to advise him to pick a good spot for that little bastard.

She will find herself in serious trouble then.” Shen Duan explained calmly; he was a vicious person, just like scorpions and snakes.

Shen Yanxiao could only blame herself for ill luck.

Why would she choose to be a warlock

The warlock profession was not well received in any country in the Brilliance Continent.

That profession represented a stain.

The damages caused by the warlocks had gradually faded, but they still represented uncertainty for the emperor.

“Second Brother, that is brilliant!” Shen Yue was too happy; he could not wait to see Shen Yanxiao die a miserable death.

Shen Duans plan was overly cruel; he could kill without spilling any blood.

Shen Yanxiao would never know that Shen Duan was the person to blame for her death.

“Well, how is Shen Yifeng recently It has been a long time since I saw him.

I do miss him.” Shen Yue felt scared when he had a glimpse of Shen Duans sinister nature.

He decided to cozy up to Shen Duan.

Shen Duan smiled at the mention of his son and said, “He has achieved great progress now that he has a tutor.

I am going against Shen Yanxiao for his sake.

As long as she is still alive, the Vermillion Bird will not return.

Shen Yifeng will only get the Vermilion Bird if she were dead.”

The one with the Vermilion Bird would get to be the Family Head.

Shen Duan would never give up before he could help his son to get that position.

“If that is the case, I dont think the old man would leave the matter at that.

He would want to find out the person responsible for Shen Yanxiaos death.” Shen Yue was still worried.

Shen Feng treasured Shen Yanxiao.

If anything were to happen to Shen Yanxiao, no one would be able to push the blame away.

However, Shen Duan thought otherwise.

As he stared at the flickering candlelight, a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“Let him do that if he could, though I am afraid that he would not have such a chance.”

Shen Yue trembled as fear rose in his heart.

Somehow, he felt She Duans words meant more than he had to say.

Shen Yue knew of Shen Duans cruelty.

Back then, their eldest brother, Shen Xi, and his family of five had died mysteriously.

Shen Feng tried his best to learn the truth, but he had failed.

Shen Yue believed that Shen Duan had something to do with that.

They could only inherit the Family Head position if their eldest brother and his family were out of the picture!

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