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Chapter 567: Yun Qis Decision (1)

She collected her rewards and left the site with the young men, Yun Qi, then Vermilion Bird, and Lan Fengli.

She did not give the crowd a chance to indulge in their curiosity and snuck back to her room.

“I did not let you down, teacher.

I won!” Shen Yanxiao bowed to Yun Qi with respect.

She had learned all the combination curses from Yun Qi, and she had grown as a warlock under his guidance.

If it were not for him, she would not have accomplished such achievements.

‘Respect your teacher as you do your father.

While Shen Yanxiao was far from a kind person, she did respect her teacher very much.

Yun Qi looked at his student with a pleased expression.

He helped Shen Yanxiao up in excitement.

“You have done well, better than I expected.

It is my honor to have a student like you.” Yun Qi felt a strong surge of emotions.

Yun Qi thought that he would have to spend his remaining years in solitude in the library.

He never thought that he could see the rise of Warlocks again.

“I am going to get back to the capital in three days and then head to the Forsaken Land.

I am not going back to the Saint Laurent Academy.” Shen Yanxiao mentioned her plan to Yun Qi.

Yun Qi did not disagree with her.

“There is nothing left for you to learn in the academy.

If you want to go out there and explore the world, I will not stop you.

But the Forsaken Land is perilous.

You must be extra careful.”

Shen Yanxiao said, “Teacher, are you willing to go to the Forsaken Land with me”

Yun Qi paused for a second before he forced a smile.

“I am too old to be of any use now.

I will be a burden to you if I am there.

Besides, Ouyang Huanyu and I have an agreement.

I will not leave before the Blood Banquet Potion is ready.”

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

As far as she could tell, Ouyang Huanyu was nothing but a hypocrite.

He had lied to Yun Qi, deceived Ye Qing, and was up to something shady.

Shen Yanxiao decided to tell Yun Qi about the Blood Banquet Potion.

“Ouyang Huanyu is not helping you to concoct the Blood Banquet Potion.

I am a student at the Herbalist Division and also lucky enough to be tutored by Ye Qing.

I have seen the Blood Banquet Potions prescription at Ye Qings place.

It was not a complete one.

Ouyang Huanyu had deliberately given an incomplete prescription to Ye Qing to delay his progress.

Ye Qing will not be able to successfully concoct the potion with that prescription, not even in a hundred years.”

Yun Qi froze when he heard that.

Qi Xia and the others stood at the side.

They did not know the full details, but they could sense the hostility Ouyang Huanyu had against Yun Qi.

“What…” Yun Qi was in disbelief.

He could not believe that Ouyang Huanyu had fooled him.

He thought he had to be patient since the Blood Banquet Potion must have been difficult to make.

However, the man had not planned to follow through with the agreement.

Shen Yanxiao hated to see Yun Qi like that.

She took a deep breath before she said, “Teacher, Ouyang Huanyu is not a nice man.

He is up to no good by trapping you at the Saint Laurent Academy.

You can leave with me.

I cannot make the Blood Banquet Potion at the moment, but I will spare no effort to cure you.

Please, do not go back there!”

If she had not known that Ouyang Huanyu harbored ill intentions toward her mentor, she would not have meddled with the matter.

However, she knew that she could not let Yun Qi go back to that sinister place.

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