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Chapter 555: Inter-academy Tournament (45)

The Vermilion Bird wondered if he should hit someone!

“Is something wrong” Shen Yanxiao did not want to see the Vermilion Bird angry, so she hastily caressed his head while she poked at the Little Phoenix on top of its head to appease his mood.

Qi Xia and his friends had a complicated expression on their faces; it was as if they could not believe the little kid was the Vermilion Birds human form.

Qi Xia sighed and said, “Lets let them out.

Itll save us the trouble from explaining to them.” He exchanged glances with his three other friends.

Then, four rays of light appeared.

After the light faded, four tall and handsome men appeared in the room, and the Vermilion Bird stiffened.

“This is my familys Qilin.” Qi Xia pointed at the elegant and beautiful man whose blond hair swayed with the wind.

The Qilin had an exceptionally attractive human form.

His sharp brows carried an air of arrogance, and his brown eyes had the aura of someone who sat on a pedestal.

“White Tiger,” Yan Yu said with a smile.

The White Tigers human form was dressed in attire as white as snow, and his long silver hair was draped on his shoulders.

He also had a pair of pitch-black eyes and the aura of a king.

“Azure Dragon.” The human form of the Azure dragon was an exceptionally tall man, and his azure-colored long robes set a huge contrast against his aura.

He had dark green long hair, blue-colored eyes, and an area on his neck where dragon scales could be seen.

“Black Tortoise.” Tang Nazhi chuckled as he patted on the beautiful man by his side.

The Black Tortoises brown hair swayed with the wind, and a trace of aloofness could be sensed from his expression.

The four mythical beasts human form could rival their masters, and they were also much more mature and domineering than the four human beasts.

After Shen Yanxiao saw their transformation, she suddenly understood their apprehension about the little boy by her side.

The four mythical beasts were of the same level as the Vermilion Bird, but they had transformed into beautiful and handsome men.

They looked to be in their twenties, and they were tall and attractive.

Shen Yanxiao finally realized it when she turned and looked at the rigid Vermilion Bird.

The other four mythical beasts were beautiful men.

However, the cute little brat was only as tall as three heads.

It was an incredibly huge difference!

“What are you looking at! I can transform into a beautiful and handsome man if I wanted to!” The Vermilion Bird felt his masters gaze and immediately exploded as he jumped in protest.

“It has been a long time weve seen each other, but I didnt expect you to end up like that.” The noble Qilin stared at the mini-sized Vermilion Bird as a smile twinkled in his eyes.

“Its none of your business!” the Vermilion Bird retorted as he bared his teeth.

“But, your temperament is still the same.” The cold and stern Azure Dragon raised his eyebrows.

“Argh! Why dont all of you sleep for another few centuries! I hate it when I see your faces!” The Vermilion Bird exploded in a fury.

“Calm your anger.

It has been centuries since weve met, and were still friends, at least,” the domineering White Tiger said.

“Friends! Who are your friends Get lost!” The Vermilion Bird brandished his small fist.

He did not wish to live any longer.

How was he supposed to face his master when they compared him to the other four mythical beasts right in front of her!

“Are you trying to start a fight with all of us” The mature Xuanwu chuckled, and as he teased the little boy who did not even reach the height of his thigh.

“Sure! Do you think Im afraid of all of you!” The Vermilion Bird did not want to show any weaknesses to them.

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