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Chapter 544: Inter-academy Tournament (34)

No one dared to challenge the alliance between the five great aristocratic families!

No one dared to provoke their anger, either!

Even though the four youths had yet to ascend to the Family Heads position, they were indispensable to their families as they were capable young men.

Their support for Shen Yanxiao represented the support of the four great aristocratic families.

It was once rumored that an alliance between the five families meant a frightening existence inside and outside the Longxuan Empire!

Amongst the crowd, a pair of vicious eyes glared at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Jiayi, who wore a wig, looked at Shen Yanxiaos gorgeous appearance in disbelief.

She could not believe what she had seen!

That ugly b*tch! That trash! That disgrace! How did she become so beautiful

She would never believe it, absolutely not!

“Shen Yanxiao… When did she become a Warlock” Shen Jiawei sat beside his sister, and he was even more astonished at Shen Yanxiaos chosen profession.

Shen Feng had sent her to the Saint Laurent Academys Herbalist Division, so how did she become a warlock in the blink of an eye

“Dog sh*t Warlock! Its basically trash and a shady profession! Who does she think she is A b*tch like her deserves a profession that everyone hates! How does she have the dignity to stand there Who does she think she is!” Shen Jiayi almost went crazy.

When she compared Shen Yanxiaos unparalleled gorgeous appearance and her bald head, her wrath could practically fill the sky.

She could not tolerate that b*tch as she had repeatedly climbed over her head.

She also could not tolerate the kindness that Qi Xia and his friends had shown for Shen Yanxiao!

What did she do to deserve that

She was not worthy!

Qi Xia and his friends belonged to her; they were Shen Jiayis friends! That idiot did not deserve them!

Shen Jiawei could only gulp and maintain his silence when he saw Shen Jiayis rage.

Shen Yanxiao was momentarily stunned, but she managed to smile at her friends when they showed their support for her.

“In any case, I wasnt late.”

Since she dared to make her appearance that way, she was also prepared to receive everyones perception of her.

However, her friends attitude warmed her heart.

“You were just lucky.” Tang Nazhi chuckled and said.

However, his smile disappeared when Shen Yanxiao glared at him the next second.

Tang Nazhi could only gulp when he remembered that he had hidden his profession from her and their fight on the streets.

The old man on the stage coughed slightly and said, “Since everyone is here, let the finals begin!” He had to pretend that he was still calm enough to host the tournament.

The last round of the inter-academy tournament had finally begun after a series of shock.

The young man who represented the Herbalist Division almost wanted to surrender immediately.

There were six contestants in the final round, so they drew lots to form pairs for their match.

The last person standing would win the championship.

When they announced the match schedule, the stadium erupted in shouts of excitement!

They finally had their matches!

Magus Qi Xia vs.

Priest Yan Yu.

Swordsman Tang Nazhi vs.

Archer Li Xiaowei.

Knight Yang Xi vs.

Warlock Shen Yanxiao!

The final round began with a wave of commotion.

However, Yun Qi felt his heart drop when he saw the schedule.

Everyone knew that Knights were Warlocks nemesis!

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