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Chapter 542: Inter-academy Tournament (32)

The scarlet flames gradually subsided as two silhouettes appeared on the center stage!

A figure slowly walked out from the scarlet flames, and her peerless gorgeous face was exposed to the spectators.

The ball of flames rose to the sky again after she walked out of it and transformed into a massive bird as it soared.

At that moment, the stadium was in total silence.

Everyone stared at that peerlessly gorgeous beauty.

It was obvious she was only a young girl who had reached adulthood, yet she possessed an appearance that would shame the other women.

She stood there quietly like a magnet that attracted everyones gaze.

“Who are you” The old man presided over the match asked with a somewhat embarrassed tone after he finally found his voice.

The gorgeous girl narrowed her eyes and quirked her lips.

Then she said in a clear yet firm voice, “Shen Yanxiao of the Vermilion Bird family.

I am representing the Saint Laurent Academys Warlock Division to participate in the inter-academy tournament!”


Her clear voice brought an unparalleled sensation in the stadium, and the spectators were thoroughly shocked!

Who could have imagined that the rumored warlock was a peerless beauty who looked as if she could cause the downfall of cities

Ouyang Huanyu stared at Shen Yanxiao in surprise as something flickered in his eyes.

Emotions like excitement, shock, frenzied happiness, and other complicated sentiments were hidden beneath his calm appearance!

Even so, Qi Xia and his friends were more shocked by that revelation than anyone else.

Tang Nazhis jaw almost dropped to the ground the moment Shen Yanxiao spoke.

He widened his mouth in surprise and stared at that peerlessly gorgeous beauty in disbelief.

She… she was that little brat That Shen Yanxiao

What… What kind of joke was that

Even though Tang Nazhi knew Shen Yanxiaos real gender, she had always appeared as a plain-faced girl, and he had never thought that the girl who looked like she was always covered in dirt would clean up so nicely!

He had always assumed Shen Yanxiao was an intelligent and powerful kid.

Even though she was not the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, she had strength, which was an important point.

However, when her strength and appearance were on equal levels…

Tang Nazhis brain had completely short-circuited.

Yan Yus and Yang Xis reactions were no better than their friend.

Yan Yus staff had unknowingly dropped to the ground while Yang Xis shield laid by his feet.

The three beasts seemed petrified as they stood rooted on the spot.

They could not accept the fact that a crow had turned into a Phoenix, and it was someone they knew!

Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao with a grin.

He did not seem shocked, but an alluring smile hung on his face.

He was stunned when the Vermilion Bird appeared, but he was a smart man.

He knew who was on it the moment he saw her.

Who else could be on the Vermilion Bird if not the brat who was almost late to the tournament

“You… You… You are the representative from the Saint Laurent Academys Warlock Division” The old man thought his vision had failed him.

The representative of the shadiest profession was a charming and beautiful young girl Furthermore, she was a member of the Vermilion Bird family!

The moment Shen Yanxiao mentioned her family name, practically everyone had managed to guess the identity of that flaming bird.

It was the mythical beast that had disappeared for hundreds of years, and it looked like it had reappeared in the world.

That would mean…

Shen Yanxiao was the Vermilion Birds master!

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