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Chapter 536: Inter-academy Tournament (26)


Be careful of Qi Xia Belittle her opponent Shen Yanxiao looked into the distance and thought about the matter.

Even though she did not know Qi Xias level of progress, she knew that she could swipe his staff in an instant if she wanted to do that.

He might not need to chant to cast a spell, but Shen Yanxiao wondered if he could still cast an attack without the staff.

Qi Xia was on his way back to the spectators area when he felt a chill down his back.

He frowned.

The match between Qi Xia and his opponent had an abrupt start and end.

The audiences had yet to have their fill of the match, and some even felt that it was a fraud, but they could only shift their attention to the other matches.

Except for Qi Xias match and a few dozen others, the rest of the matches were still running.

After half an hour, they had confirmation for all the winners of the matches.

The first batch of participants from all professions was eliminated, and the rest continued to engage in fierce fights.

There were 307 participants from each profession, and every round was divided into ten matches.

It would take about 16 rounds in a day before the first round of the preliminaries.

Groups of contestants entered the arena continuously, and the matches continued to start.

Shen Yanxiao observed those contestants performance quietly as she listened to Yun Qis explanation of each professions advantages and disadvantages against warlocks.

The warlocks were not a dangerous profession, and all their curses were used to control their opponents.

However, those from powerful professions would never give the warlocks any opportunities to cast any curses.

In terms of each professions characteristics, the knights and priests did not have any powerful attacks, but they were the cause of most headaches for the warlocks.

The former possessed high defenses, and even if the curses could temporarily control their opponent, it would take a long time to defeat them on singular curses.

Furthermore, singular curses would consume a warlocks magical reserves, and therefore, they could not endure a prolonged match.

The latter was the warlocks nemesis.

Priests had the ability to bless and heal, and they were the most troublesome profession for the warlocks.

A priest could often dispel a warlocks curses with a blessing, and they could also heal a delaying curse like the Corrosive curse.

The swordsmen possessed high attack speed and top defenses, too, though not as exaggerated as the knights.

The warlocks could still cast a curse to control their speed and then fight against them.

Even though the archers explosive ability fell short when compared to the magi, they do not require any chant to launch an attack.

Their flexible mobility and long-range strikes could effectively prevent a warlock from getting close to them.

As for magi, everyone thought they were the most explosive profession, but Yun Ai ranked them last.

All magi needed to chant their spells, and that would give the warlocks a chance to attack their opponents.

As for the herbalists…

Experts from that profession had no combat abilities, and thus, Yun Qi did not even mention them.

After she listened to Yun Qis analysis, Shen Yanxiao felt a little depressed.

It seemed like all professions could restrain warlocks; no wonder people labeled warlocks as shady.

They would have no chance to win against their opponent in face-to-face combat.

They are unable to defeat those with high defenses, nor reach those with low defenses.

Therefore, they could only bully the herbalists who could not fight.

“Actually, the strength of a warlock will truly shine after they advance to a Summoner.

The early stages are mainly for accumulation.

Accumulation…” When he saw how her expression darkened with every passing second, Yun Qi hastily amended his sentences to appease her.

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