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Chapter 533: Inter-academy Tournament (23)

As for Tang Nazhi, he was in the Swordsman area…

Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows in doubt.

He seemed to be absent-minded; it was as if he was searching for someone.

He took advantage of his height and started to look around the crowd.

“Idiot.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

Even though she was unhappy that Tang Nazhi had hidden things from her, she was genuinely happy to see him in a position that belonged to him.

After they drew their respective numbers, Yan Yu, Yang Xi, and Tang Nazhi left the stadium as their matches were not held that morning.

Only Qi Xia remained in the venue.

When the tournament officially began, two contestants with an extremely solemn expression went to the arena.

They stood quietly before each other as they waited for the bell to ring.

A referee stood by each arena stage, and three medical teams were in every corner to prevent any death or injury in the tournament.

“Isnt that the young master from the Qilin family” The surrounding spectators had recognized Qi Xia.

In one of the Magus arena, Qi Xia leisurely stood opposite a young magus, and his handsome face looked quite sleepy.

His eyes drooped as if he was only half-awake.

“Ha! This is worth it! I didnt expect to see such a heavyweight in the first match!”

“I really pity the magus set against him.

Its too tragic to fight against Qi Xia!”

Before the match even began, the majority of the attention was directed to Qi Xia.

With the Qilin familys name and the label of a genius magus, Qi Xia soon became the main focus of the entire stadium.

“Sister, is that brother very powerful” Lan Fengli asked as he looked at Qi Xia with an expression of puzzlement.

Shen Yanxiao stroked her chin and thought,This is really hard to answer.

However, a young lady nearby indulged in Lan Fenglis curiosity.

“Of course hes powerful! Little Brother, have you never heard of Qi Xias name He is the Qilin familys third young master, famous for his innate magic ability.” That young lady explained excitedly as if she could not imagine Lan Fenglis ignorance.

Lan Fengli looked at the excited young lady and subconsciously shrunk to Shen Yanxiaos side and softly said, “I didnt know.”

“Youre still a kid.

The swordsman and magus professions are two of the most powerful and prosperous professions in our Longxuan Empire.

Qi Xia is the most famous magus from the younger generation of magi.

He was already an intermediate magus before he reached adulthood, and no one knows how far he has improved.

Most people are sure that he has already reached the standards of an advanced magus!”

If he broke through to advanced magus at the age of 16, then he might already be at the standard of an advanced peak magus.

He had talents that could only be described as rarely seen in a century!

Lan Fengli nodded as if he had understood.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao before he lowered his head and muttered, “My sister is also very powerful.”

When the young lady heard his boast about his sister, she snorted with disapproval, but she felt strange about it.

There were no females around them, so why did he continuously mention a sister

“Lets watch the match.” Shen Yanxiao smiled gently.

She was curious to see the crafty foxs skills.

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