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Shen Yanxiao inwardly laughed.

She quietly looked at Shen Yifeng and the others as they stared at the egg in reverence.

It was as if they wanted to pounce over there and worship it.

“Well have to trouble the sage!” Shen Yifeng forced himself to restrain his excitement and then bowed respectfully to the sage.

However, his hands shook, and that betrayed the wild emotions that he felt in his heart.

The Vermilion Bird was close at hand, and the opportunity to become the Family Head and to obtain supreme glory was right in front of him! How could Shen Yifeng not be excited He had not cared about Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei since the start of the contest as he knew that their skills were not comparable to him.

The Vermilion Bird would, undoubtedly, be his!

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei stared at Shen Yifeng discreetly.

They had talents, but they were still weak when compared to him.

They would not even dare to compete with him if they didnt have to.

Even though they were cousins, Shen Yue and Shen Duan had never been on friendly terms with each other, and naturally, the relations between their children had not fared better.

If their strengths were not weaker than Shen Yifeng, the twins would have joined hands to defeat their older cousin.

At present, they could only look on helplessly as the great opportunity slipped between their fingers.

Both of them had secretly wished that the Vermilion Bird would not like Shen Yifeng and would be unwilling to sign the contract with him.

If that happened, they would have the chance to obtain the Vermilion Birds favor.

Who wouldnt want such an opportunity for instant success Since they couldnt get it, then they wouldnt want anyone to get it either.

The constant strife between the third-generation disciples was very well hidden between them, and the god envoys from the God Realm had no intentions to speculate their internal conflicts.

The eighteen god envoys surrounded the obsidian from a ten-step distance.

They stood side by side and formed a circle with the Vermilion Bird egg in the center.

The sage slowly walked toward the Vermilion Bird egg that still radiated high heat, and suddenly, a palm-sized golden compass appeared in his hand.

There were four circles on the compass, and some ancient design carved the course of every circle.

In the outermost ring, images of four ancient mythical beasts were carved on each of the four directions.

Shen Yanxiao stood quite far from the sage, and thus, she could only see the golden compass in the sages hand that was continually turned.

Suddenly, asnapping sound was heard, and the golden compass stopped as several rays of light shot out from it.

Under the rays brilliant illumination, a fiery red silhouette suddenly surfaced in mid-air, and it was similar to a flaming bird that hovered with its wings spread open.

Its entire body radiated angry flames and the huge bird spiraled around mid-air.

In a blink of an eye, it transformed into a red light and dashed into the motionless egg.

The scene that they had witnessed stunned the eight people from the Vermilion Bird Family.

They did not know what was the golden compass in the sages hand, nor could they discern if the huge flaming bird was a product of their imagination.

Everything had exceeded their levels of comprehension.

All of a sudden, the massive cave shook vigorously, and several cracks appeared on the ground where Shen Yanxiao stood.

Through the cracks, she saw the flowing lava and the fiery-red magma that were just one meter below her feet.

White vapor gushed out endlessly from the fissures, and the boiling temperature made them feel as if they were in a steamer basket.

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