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Chapter 522: Inter-academy Tournament (12)

Tang Nazhi did not expect the arrow to change its direction after it had been discharged.

When he saw the arrow flew at him, he knew it was too late for him to step away.

He lifted his longsword in a hurry and hacked at the incoming arrow.

The speedy arrow was halved right in the middle.

However, the cracked arrow did not stop to seek its target.

The two halves continued to fly toward Tang Nazhis cheeks.

Tang Nazhi gasped.

He felt two streams of cold air blew past his cheeks, accompanied with a sting that spread across his face.

He lifted his hand to touch his cheeks, and he felt something warm.

Then he noticed the blood on his fingertips.

How could that be He was sure he had hacked the arrow into two.

How did they strike him

The wound was not deep, and it was only a scratch.

Still, the small injury left a profound impact in Tang Nazhis heart.

The two arrows had flown about one centimeter from his cheeks.

They did not even touch him at all.

Yet, he was wounded.

It was beyond ones imagination.

“What is going on” The onlookers were confused over the miraculous scene.

They had to admit that the twists and turns with Shen Yanxiaos arrows were a superb display of skills.

Everyone had wanted to strike the table and exclaimed in shouts of appreciation.

One could not imagine how the archer changed the direction of the arrow as it flew mid-way.

Tang Nazhi could hardly react as the arrows had been too fast for the naked eyes.

That was a skill that people would fear.

However, none of that could compare to the wounds that Tang Nazhi had on his cheeks.

Everyone saw how the two halves of the arrow had flown some distance away from Tang Nazhis cheeks.

So, how was he wounded

Many of the onlookers were archers too, but they could not figure out the skill that Shen Yanxiao had used in the attack!

“Listen to me, you fool, you will get into trouble when you underestimate others.” Although she did not have the best intentions, Shen Yanxiao grinned as she looked at Tang Nazhi, who was still in shock.

Just because most archers could not do that did not mean that she would suffer from the same constraint.

Only a small number of people could cultivate both battle aura and magical powers.

She was the only one who could cast a singular curse on the arrows in the entire Brilliance Continent!

“What” Tang Nazhi was just about to ask what had happened when his knees buckled.

It was as if he had been injected with a heavy load when he almost fell onto the ground.

However, he had sharp eyes and agile hands, so he managed to support himself with the longsword.

Even so, the heavy load on his body still seemed unbearable.

“Brother Nazhi!” Shen Jiayi, who was by his side, panicked.

What had happened Tang Nazhi had been safe and sound just moments ago.

Then it looked as if he could not bear the weight of his own body.

The onlookers eyes widened in shock.

How did that impressive and capable young swordsman become so weak and fragile in the blink of an eye They wondered if they hallucinated when they noticed the swordsman exerted great effort to keep his grip on his sword.

While the others were still in shock, Shen Yanxiao kept her hold on Clemance and slowly made her way toward ang Nazhi, who had one knee on the ground.

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