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Chapter 512: Inter-academy Tournament (2)

Blizzard City was in a vast area not far from the capital, and the city had many refined scholars.

The city was one of the most prestigious venues for competitions in the Longxuan Empire.

The number of challenges held in fighting arenas of various sizes was beyond anyones count.

Anyone who aspired for a match would go there to find one.

Every academic competition in the Longxuan Empire was hosted there as well.

There was only one day left before the start of the competition.

One after another, delegates from academies in different regions had arrived at the city where the wrath of war was in full spring.

Teams from academies around the country would settle in various accommodations in the city.

The Emperor of the Longxuan Empire was quite generous when it came to entertaining the pillars of the country.

Almost all the high-class lodges were prepared for the students.

The Saint Laurent Academy enjoyed a high position in the Longxuan Empire.

Their students had performed outstandingly in the previous competitions, and they had won many of the championships.

They had also gained attention for the competition that year.

As the Saint Laurent Academys principal, Ouyang Huanyu had gone to Blizzard City as well.

He managed to gather all the headmasters from all the divisions just before the competition started.

“How confident are you about this years competition” Ouyang Huanyu took a seat in a chair and looked at the headmasters in front of him.

The headmasters from the Magus Division, Priest Division, Knight Division, and Swordsman Division were quite confident about the competition.

“Qi Xia is in good shape.

I believe that the magi from the other academies will not be able to compete against him.” The head of the Magus Division put on a smile of confidence.

He was still unable to determine Qi Xias level.

He only knew that nothing could trouble his student when it came to magic.


Qi Xia is quite talented in magical powers.

It is a pity that he is from the Qiling Family.

Otherwise, he could stay and teach at the Saint Laurent Academy after he graduated.” Ouyang Huanyu nodded.

He had heard about Qi Xias aptitude a long time ago.

The headmaster of the Priest Division did not want to admit inferiority, so he interrupted, “Yan Yu is outstanding as well.

In the tryout, the student who came in second was far inferior to him.

I am sure that Yan Yu will attain glory for the Priest Division in this competition.”

Ouyang Huanyu smiled at the compliment, but he knew better.

As an auxiliary profession, priests were quite limited in their attacks.

The chances for a priest to win in a one-on-one match was small.

The headmaster of the Swordsman Division looked at his two peers but said nothing.

He had a complicated expression on his face.

Xie Yun, the headmaster of the Archer Division, looked awful as well.

Yan Xiao, whom he had deemed an excellent archer, was missing.

They had to send Meng Yiheng as the Archer Divisions representative.

While Meng Yiheng was also a capable archer, Xie Yun had better hopes for that extremely talented young man.


Of all the headmasters, the teacher from the Herbalist Division, Luo De, was in the most miserable state.

The Archer Division could still send Meng Yiheng to the competition, but the Herbalist Division had no talented students that they could send to represent them.

The student that they had selected was the best amongst a mediocre bunch of students.

Pu Lisi should have been the one to lead the division to the competition, but Luo De had to take his place.

It was like they had to force a donkey to dance.

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