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Chapter 511: Inter-academy Tournament (1)

Vermilion Bird flew at full speed.

The journey that should have taken ten days was shortened to a day and a half for Shen Yanxiao to arrive at a nearby Saint Laurent Academy location.

To avoid any unwanted troubles, Shen Yanxiao told the Vermilion Bird to directly take the little Phoenix and Lan Fengli to the casino.

She could tell that Lan Fengli was unwilling to be parted with her.

However, she waved goodbye and hurried on to the Saint Laurent Academy on her own.

However, as she stepped into the Saint Laurent Academy, she received a piece of frustrating news.

All the divisions at the Saint Laurent Academy had completed their tryouts the day before.

To make it worse, all the participants and the teachers had set off for the venue—Blizzard City.

Shen Yanxiao had missed the tryouts and, therefore, had waived her eligibility in the completion…

She was so upset that she wished she could smash her head on the academys gate.

Not even a hell-for-leather ride could save her from that miserable state!

While she was depressed, Shen Yanxiao remembered something.

She understood that there were tryouts in the Archer Division and the Herbalist Division, but…

She was the only student in the Warlock Division.

Was there a second student

With a last trace of hope, Shen Yanxiao snuck into the Warlock Division and made a mad dash toward the library.

Yun Qi waited for Shen Yanxiaos return eagerly in the library.

However, he was shocked when that person showed up.

‘Where did this boy come from Didnt he know that not everyone can come to the Warlock Division Yun Qi thought that his student had returned.

However, it was a kid who had come out from nowhere.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

Then, she remembered that she was still wearing the mask she used to disguise as Huo Xiao.

She smiled and said, “Its me.”

Yun Qi trembled when he heard the familiar voice.

He stood up at once.

“Shen Yanxiao Is it… you”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

A glint of a pleasant surprise appeared on Yun Qis face.

“You naughty little kid, where have you been for all this time I am old and cannot bear to be teased like this.” Yun Qi had been so depressed when he saw the Saint Laurent Academys entourage set off for the competition.

He had almost given up all hope after he waited for his student for so many days.

He did not expect to see his long-lost student that morning!

Shen Yanxiao scratched her head.

It was hard for her to explain.

“Its a long story.

Am I still eligible for the competition”

Yun Qi answered, “Yes! Of course! You have come back at the perfect time.”

“Havent the others already left for Blizzard City”

“Yes, they have, but your case is different.

That old rascal Ouyang Huanyu had asked me more than ten times if the Warlock Division would participate in the competition.

I told him with certainty that you would.

Yesterday, he came again and asked why he did not see any delegate from the Warlock Division, and I found an excuse to fool him.

Dont worry.

Now that you are here, well have no problem at all.

Lets leave right now and get to Blizzard City.

We should be able to make it to the competition!” Yun Qi was thrilled.

He thought that all hope was gone, and then, a silver lining had appeared.

Shen Yanxiao was relieved.

Even though she did not get a spot in the Archer Division and the Herbalist Division, she still had the trump card as a Warlock!

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