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Chapter 505: Alarming Research (4)

Uncle Nine smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

“They have always been discreet and prudent.

They will never let anyone catch them red-handed.

They were already suspicious of me when I left them.

But no one had ever entered the Graveyard of the Sun all this year.

Therefore, they did not have any excuse to deal with me.

Until now…”

Uncle Nine could not continue with this explanation.

At the same time, Shen Yanxiao was well aware that she was the reason the village had suffered the massacre.

“I am sorry.” Shen Yanxiao felt responsible.

If the villagers were vile and treacherous people, she would not have had any feelings even when she implicated them.

However, they were kind souls who had been generous with her.

They had suffered a great calamity because she broke into the Graveyard of the Sun.

Uncle Nine waved his hand.

“It is not because of you.

This would have happened eventually.

They are just looking for an excuse.

They did not take any action before this because their research has not yielded results.

When I saw Xiao Feng, I knew that they were done with the finished product.

Theyll soon leave this place, but before that, theyll have to deal with this village first.”

The village was doomed; it was just a matter of time.

It did not matter whether Shen Yanxiao had gone to the Graveyard of the Sun or not.

“I have to thank you.

Xiao Feng is so strong that I dont have the ability to defeat him.

Had you not come in time, everyone here might have died.” A glint of comfort flashed in Uncle Nines eyes.

Fortunately, some of them had managed to survive in the village.

Shen Yanxiao found herself with a guilty conscience, especially when Uncle Nine expressed his appreciation for her supposed help.

“What blood did Xiao Feng have in his body

My friend noticed he had featured from the demon race and the dragon race.

Is he quite formidable now” Shen Yanxiao asked as she glanced at the young man.

In his sleep, the boy appeared to be quiet and gentle.

His charming features would remind one of the angels.

No one would think of him as a cruel and ruthless killer.

Uncle Nine said, “Before I left, I knew that they had the blood from all the races, except for the god race.

Since Xiao Feng is probably their finished product, he should have the blood from seven major races in him.

I dont know about his actual powers, though.

There are probably five people in this world who could fight him.”

Seven major races…

Shen Yanxiao gulped.

There were countless mighty warriors in the world, and Uncle Nine claimed that no more than five could contend against Xiao Feng…

Xiao Feng must be comparable to a Sage Archmagus!

Someone with one step away from god-level!

Those were people who could be a match for a God of Magus!

That kid was extraordinary!

“What is your plan with him I dont think he is going to let you go.” Shen Yanxiao was worried.

She could tell that Uncle Nine did not want to kill the young man.

Uncle Nine shook his head.

“I dont know.

I was the one who brought Xiao Feng here.

I have taken care of him like a grandson.

When I left those people, they did not let me take Xiao Feng with me.

Since then, I have worried about him.

I didnt expect that he would become their test subject as well.

I know that hes here to kill me, but I cant kill a kid Ive raised for years.” Uncle Nines pain was visible in his eyes.

His heart broke when the child slaughtered his fellow villagers.

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