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Chapter 500: Massacre in the Village (2)

Vermilion Bird replied, “I dont know.

The day you went missing…”

After Shen Yanxiao had disappeared, the Vermilion Bird wreaked havoc on the entire Graveyard of the Sun with dragons of fire.

He still could not find Shen Yanxiao.

He was unwilling to give up, so the Vermilion Bird wandered around the Graveyard of the Sun.

He had searched for Shen Yanxiao for a month to no avail.

When he was about to head to the God Realm and ask the Sage for help, the Vermillion Bird detected a strange aura in the Graveyard of the Sun.

The handsome teenager had come out of nowhere and went straight for the small village near the Graveyard of the Sun.

Vermilion Bird wanted to capture that young man so that he could ask about the Graveyard of the Sun and Shen Yanxiaos disappearance.

However, as the Vermilion Bird followed the young man back to the small village, he had witnessed something bizarre.

That young man went on a killing spree as soon as he stepped foot into that small village.

He had killed every villager who crossed his path.

He did not give anyone the chance to speak, and he did not leave anyone in his path alive.

He pressed on forward, and more bodies covered the ground he walked.

In merely half a day, he had killed countless villagers.

Those villagers did stand a chance when the young man attacked them.

They were slaughtered like lambs.

That was until Uncle Nine showed up.

He had managed to stop the young mans massacre.

“That old man is an impressive character, and there is something very odd about that young man.

I can sense a demons aura in him.

Thats unbelievable.” The Vermilion Bird told Shen Yanxiao what had gone down during the past few days.

“The demon race” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

The demon race should have been extinct for thousands of years.

“Not only the demon race, but I also noticed that he had attacked those villagers with methods from the dragon race.

He always aimed for their hearts; it was simple and cruel.

He ripped their hearts out just like a dragon would.” The only reason that the Vermilion Bird had stayed was to observe that strange young man.

“How long have they been fighting like this” Shen Yanxiao was in no mood to care about the kid.

She was more concerned about the four mercenaries that Uncle Nine had rescued.

It looked as if the young man intended to kill everyone in that village.

He might find those four mercenaries if he continued with his killing spree.

“Nearly half a month,” the Vermilion Bird said.

While the two of them conversed, Uncle Nine suddenly vomited blood.

He looked at the detached young man with sadness as he leaned on his crutch.

“Xiao Feng… why have you become like this” Uncle Nine said with pain in his heart.

The young man, Xiao Feng, glared at Uncle Nine indifferently, but he gave him no reply.

He stepped toward Uncle Nine bit by bit as he wanted to get rid of that old man.

Uncle Nine closed his eyes as if he felt grief and remorse.

He had struggled arduously for the past several days, and he felt as if his life had faded away.

He was not a match for that young man, so he could only wait for doom.

“Should we save him or not” Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes.

She saw the handsome young man walking toward Uncle Nine.

He lifted his hand, and his fingers transformed into claws.

He lunged forward as if he wanted to pierce into Uncle Nines chest.

Shen Yanxiao made up her mind and kicked the Vermilion Bird out into the open.

“Argh!” The Vermilion Bird, who was absorbed in the drama, did not know why someone had kicked him.

He flew into the air and toward that beautiful young man who was about to strike Uncle Nine.

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