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Chapter 494: The Bitter Life (2)

“What kind of gatekeeper is Brother Nine How could he let people into the Graveyard of the Sun I knew it; he hasnt been in the right frame of mind these past few years.

How could he fail in such a simple task”

“Alright, now is not the time for nonsense.

We are at a critical juncture for our experiment, so we cant afford mistakes.

Go and see if someone had broken in.

Take care of them, and make it fast.

Dont cause delays to our progress.” An old man in a black robe, who seemed to have a higher position, interrupted the others discussion.

“Yes.” The others shut their mouths immediately.

Three of them followed the old mans instructions and headed toward the staircase that led to the overground.

When they got there, they were struck dumb by what they saw.

More than a dozen fire dragons hovered above them.

The three elements had fused, and it generated a mighty blast of waves in the air.

The three new arrivals almost suffered internal injuries from that blast.

“Where did all those fire elements come from”

The three of them shook as they stood frozen in that spot.

Fortunately, they regained their sense quick enough to summon their battle aura and magical cover to shield themselves from the subsequent blasts.

They raised their heads toward the sky, and they saw a small, fire-red figure that stood amidst the fire dragons.

The three black-robed men were speechless as they stared at the Vermilion Bird in the air.

Who could tell them where did that brat come from How could he stand in the air motionlessly

“Who is this little punk” One of the men asked in confusion.

“Are you sure its a who” The other person asked as he watched the Vermilion Bird summon another two fire dragons.

His eyes, concealed under his hood, widened in surprise.

“Then, what is that”

“A magical beast… A mythical beast, no less…”

“Why would a mythical beast come here”

The three men wanted to cry.

They were there to deal with the intruder.

How could they know it was a mythical beast

Why would such a legendary entity be in a desert that was in the middle of nowhere

The three of them looked at each other and saw the frustration in each others eyes.

How could they win that fight

That miserable Shen Yanxiao had no idea that she had unknowingly caused the Vermillion Bird to be so upset that it acted out in a fit of rage.

He thought that his merciless master had deceived him, and that invited a tragic situation for the group of people in the cellar.

The fact that Shen Yanxiao was also in trouble of her own did not diminish that at all.

Eventually, a month passed.

The trip of friends at the Saint Laurent Academy was still waiting for their friend to come back.

They had so many questions for her.

However, they were not too worried as she had once been away for an entire month also.

Days continued to pass until it was only a week before the inter-academy tournament would begin.

The trio of friends had finally begun to feel uneasy about their friends absence.

“Why isnt Xiaoxiao back yet The tryouts for our academy is about to begin.

Shell miss the tryouts for the Archer Division and the Herbalist Division!” Yan Yu said with a long face as he sat in the lounge behind the casino.

The divisions at the Saint Laurent Academy would hold tryouts for the tournaments before it started., Each division would select their most-qualified student to represent them and the academy in the tournament.

The tryouts were irrespective of grades.

Any students who had the confidence to win were welcomed to try their luck.

The teachers would select the best student to participate in the tournament.

Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi would join the tryouts as well, but they were not worried about their competition.

They were anxious to know whether their world-traveling friend could make it back to the academy in time for the tryouts.

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