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Chapter 489: Temple of the Sun (3)

Reassured by Xius words, Shen Yanxiao decided not to drag her feet any longer.

She drank a bottle of speed potion and dashed it.

She wanted to cover as much ground as she could in the shortest time possible.

They would accomplish the mission whenever Xiu found the Skeleton Flower.

The Graveyard of the Sun was spacious, so Shen Yanxiao had to run all night long.

She had drunk a few bottles of speed potion and mental potion to support her speed.

Time passed by.

However, Xiu did not detect any Skeleton Flower around them, which frustrated Shen Yanxiao.

Dawn was about to break, but they had not found anything yet.

Shen Yanxiao stopped for a short rest, and she sat on a boulder with her hand under her chin, deep in her thoughts.

Was she in the wrong place Did she miss anything, or perhaps, she had misunderstood Du Langs message

She had covered almost one-third of the Graveyard of the Sun, but she had found nothing.

She had not heard back from the Vermilion Bird either.

She had the battle aura and magical power to protect her.

However, due to the presence of different elements in such a chaotic place, she did not have enough strength to support the protective shield for long.

She could already sense the protection had thinned.

Once the shield was gone, the chaotic elements would tear her into dust in a second.

She no longer had ample time to continue her search.

She would exhaust her battle aura and magical powers in an hour.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao wished that she was a priest.

A priest could create a more reliable light shield that would allow her to hang out there for ten days to half a month without any worry.

“Xiu, where do Skeleton Flowers usually grow” Shen Yanxiao no longer wanted to search aimlessly, so she thought she could go through a process of elimination.

Otherwise, an hour would not be enough to cover the rest of the area.

“There is nothing special about where the Skeleton Flower would grow.

It can grow in any place where gods, demons, humans, elves, and dragons live.

The only special requirement for this plant is the deadly aura.

The Skeleton Flower does not require the sun nor the rain, just boundless of deadly aura, which is useful for accelerating its growth.

The flower can grow wherever there are deaths.” Xiu told Shen Yanxiao the details that he remembered about the Skeleton Flower.

The Skeleton Flower got its name because they would blossom wherever one would find a pile of skeletons.

Death was their nutrient, and the blood and soul of the dead were their spring.

“Then, Du Lang must have obtained the right information.

This was one of the most tragic battlegrounds during the war between the demons and gods.

Countless beings from both forces died here.

This is a great place to find some Skeleton Flowers.” Shen Yanxiao rubbed her chin.

She was confident that Du Lang had been right about his theory.

“The place with the thickest deadly aura in a battlefield must have been where most of them died.

The Skeleton Flower should be there!” It seemed as if Shen Yanxiao was inspired with a new idea.

She squinted as she tried to picture the battle from tens of millions of years ago.

The army from the dragon race would have advanced into the Temple of the Sun.

The God of the Sun must have guarded the temple at that time, and he must have led the humans in a fight against the demons.

Blood and death had comprised an immortal battle hymn, and it echoed across the land of former glory.

“Where the God of the Sun perished…” Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips as a glint of hope flashed in her mind.

“Right! That must be it!”

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