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Chapter 486: See No Evil (1)

As they ran past some of the houses in the village, Shen Yanxiao and the Vermillion Bird saw many people as they ran in desperation.

They were a group of men who looked to be in the prime of their age.

Based on how they dressed, Shen Yanxiao deduced that they were a team of mercenaries.

However, they did not look like hot-blooded warriors at that moment.

All of them looked ghastly pale as they ran for their lives.

It also looked like they had similar wounds on their body, and it looked as if sharp claws had made those wounds.

The injuries cut through their clothes and into their flesh.

Red liquid oozed from their wounds and yet none of them stopped to dress the cuts.

Shen Yanxiao finally understood the reason for that.

She saw some crazy dark shadows chasing those men from behind.

When they had a chance, they would jump on the mercenaries as they ran for their lives at an incredible speed.

Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird found a low-rise thatched cottage that they could hide in.

However, what they saw next shocked them greatly!

They could finally see the real appearance of those black shadows under the moonlight.

It was the villagers! They roared as they chased after the mercenaries with their farming tools.

The villagers had a dull expression in their eyes, but they had looked ferocious! They leaned forward, just like the preying beasts.

Shen Yanxiao saw Ah Ke and Old Ba, the two men that she met in the day, amongst that group of insane villagers.

The two of them had no weapon in their hand.

That was probably because they had to use them to run around the village on all four limbs.

It looked like the kind and pleasant villagers had turned into animals under the moonlight.

It was a nightmare for everyone involved!

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath.

The kind villagers that she had met in the day had turned so savage and violent at night.

She found such contrast was too difficult to accept.

She finally understood what had happened to the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group that night.

It was an utter shock!

Who would have known that the kind villagers would transform into beast-like behavior after night fell

Shen Yanxiao could imagine what the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had gone through the night of the attack.

Some of the mercenaries would scream in terror and desperation every few moments.

They also tried to summon their magical beasts to deal with those crazy villagers.

However, the villagers had ignored those magical beasts.

It was as if they could not see them! They ran past the magical beasts and rushed toward the mercenaries instead.

The magical beasts attacked the villagers at their masters command.

Still, the villagers ignored the magical beasts and did not fight back them all.

Their angry eyes were still fixated on the mercenaries.

The villagers ran amok as they completely ignored any magical beast that stood in their way.

It was as if they saw nothing else other than the mercenaries.

Everything else was only the air that they breathed.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the situation with a heavy heart.

It seemed like the villagers had caught every one of the mercenaries.

Based on the look on the villagers faces, she could only assume what had happened to them.

She had no idea what triggered the villagers into that state, and she did not have the time to think about that.

She had a feeling she knew why that had happened, though.

Whether it was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group or the mercenaries she had just seen, it was likely that they were on their way to the Graveyard of the Sun.

The village existed so its inhabitants could stop those who wanted to go to the Graveyard of the Sun!

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