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Chapter 472: Potion Made by Great Herbalist (2)

The six wolves were not quite convinced.

Nevertheless, they told Shen Yanxiao the name of the potion anyway.

Shen Yanxiao wasted no time in returning to Saint Laurent to ask Ye Qing for his help.

Before she left, though, she gave the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group 100 thousand gold coins as compensation for their loss during their mission.

The six wolves were quite astonished by Shen Yanxiaos generosity.

They had absolutely no idea that the little guy was that wealthy.

Shen Yanxiao left the Black City and hurried back to Saint Laurent Academy to find Ye Qing.

Ye Qing did not hesitate when she asked for his help.

He granted Shen Yanxiaos request directly.

Ye Qing valued his student very much.

Besides, the potions that Shen Yanxiao wanted were not of great value to Ye Qing at all.

He already had some readily made bottles at hand as he had made those for practices.

He gave all four bottles of the potion to Shen Yanxiao quite generously.

Those four bottles of potions made by Great Herbalist could easily fetch a whopping price of four to five million gold coins at any auction house.

However, Ye Qing gave all of them to Shen Yanxiao without so much as a bat of his eyelids.

He did not even ask why she needed them.

Shen Yanxiao delivered the potions to the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group immediately.

It only took her half a day to come up with the potions for Du Lang.

The six wolves thought their eyeballs would fall out from their eye sockets when they saw the potions that Shen Yanxiao held in her hand.

Where did the kid get those potions that were made by a Great Herbalist Even if she were to purchase them, it would require more time than that, right

Shen Yanxiao was baffled as to why the six wolves did not give her any reactions.

“Well, if this is not enough, I could get some more.

Why dont you feed these to Du Lang first ” Shen Yanxiao took the potions from her interspatial ring and put them on the desk.

The six wolves were utterly astonished when they saw the four bottles of potions on the desk.

“Is this an illusion” Sleep Wolf gulped.

Potions that were worthed several million gold coins were placed on the desk.

He wondered about the confusing vision that he was having at that time.

Not even the word wealthy could be used to describe the scene there.

It should be hard even to get one bottle potion that was brewed by a Great Herbalist.

However, the kid had four bottles in his hand.

Where did he get them exactly

Before the six wolves could recover from their shock, Shen Yanxiao had begun to search for other healing potions in her interspatial ring.

She had made many potions during her daily practices, but most of them were low-grade and middle-grade potions.

She would use many of the potions for self-defense, so she had quite a number of those.

Not long afterward, the desk was covered with all kinds of potions.

The six wolves could not utter a single word.

They would not be able to find so many bottles of potions even if they were to rob an auction house.

The value of those low-grade and middle-grade potions was, of course, less than that of the bottles of potions made by a Great Herbalist.

However, there were more than a hundred bottles of those potions on the desk.

Their total value would have been astronomical.

At that moment, the six people changed their perspective about Huo Xiao as they looked at the kid.

After the tragic incident, most of them harbored some ill feelings about the kid.

After all, they were on the search for her, free of charge, but only to suffer that horrible destruction.

However, they never thought of obtaining any favors from her.

After all, that was what Du Lang promised her.

So, they were moved by what Shen Yanxiao did for them.

In merely half a day, Shen Yanxiao had given them so many bottles of potions.

In terms of price, the overall figure must have surpassed six or seven million of gold coins.

Six to seven million gold coins! How large was that amount!

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