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Chapter 467: Two Handsome Men Singing amid the Willows Green; A Crowd of Handsome Men Fly into the Blue Sky (3)

Shen Yanxiao glanced at her brother through the corner of her eyes but remained silent.

Shen Siyu had enjoyed a smooth ride to victory and harvested fruitful results.

Not long after that, Yang Xi and Yan Yu also arrived at the casinos lounge.

The first thing that they noticed as they stepped into the room was the massive pile of spoils that Shen Siyu had won.

“This is Yan Yu, and this is Yang Xi.” Qi Xia made the introduction lazily while remaining seated on his chair.

“This is Shen Jues brother, Shen Siyu.”

“Nice to meet you.” The three of them greeted each other, but all of them harbored some private thoughts about their encounter that day.

Yan Yu and Yang Xi, naturally, had heard about Shen Siyu.

He was the only one that they had deemed worthy, out of all the younger members in the Vermillion Bird Family.

Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiayi could not even compare to him.

Shen Siyu had heard of them as well.

Shen Siyu had thought it was a mere coincidence when he met the young master from the Qilin family.

However, the young masters from the Azure Dragon family and the White Tiger family had presented themselves as well.

From the way they conversed with Shen Yanxiao, he could tell that they were close friends.

The only missing member from the equation was a representative from the Black Tortoise family.

Shen Yanxiao had been in the Saint Laurent Academy for a few months, and it seemed like she had forged a good relationship with that group of young masters.

That was what Shen Siyu had thought when he saw them together.

Unfortunately, Shen Siyu did not know that the young master from Black Tortoise Family had just packed his bags and left Saint Laurent Academy.

If he had known about that, he would have been stunned by his little sisters diplomatic skills.

The five youths spent the entire afternoon in the lounge as they chatted about everything under the sun.

Shen Siyu wore a warm smile as the three younger men told him about his sisters previous exploits.

If anyone were to step into the lounge then, the beautiful display of four handsome and elegant men would blind them immediately.

Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao was the only one unaffected by the male hormones that brimmed in that room.

She listened attentively as the four men gossip and engaged in discussions about her.

People said that birds of a feather flock together.

Even though Shen Siyu was a few years older than the other three young masters, they all had talents.

It seemed like there was no generation gap as they conversed with each other.

One could say that the four young masters had had an enjoyable and happy afternoon.

It was dawn when Shen Siyu had to bid everyone farewell as he was expected to head home then.

“Im sorry that you have to see this today, Brother Siyu,” Shen Yanxiao whispered to Shen Siyu.

She felt guilty that the three bastards had tormented her kind and good-natured brother for an entire afternoon.

“I had a great time today.

I can finally rest easy now that I know youve made such good friends,” Shen Siyu said with a sincere smile.

He had been worried about Shen Yanxiao, who had been sent to the Saint Laurent Academy just as she reverted to her normal self.

He was concerned as he did not know if she could build a relationship with any of the students there.

However, he could tell that his sister had done well, better than he expected, too.

“Brother Shen, do come and visit us when you are free!” Qi Xia leaned against the door frame lazily as he looked at Shen Siyu with a grin.

“Thank you for entertaining me today,” Shen Siyu replied with a smile.

He did not take the money and valuables that he had won.

Instead, he had left them for Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Siyu had arrived and left within the span of half a day.

He appeared like a gentle, refreshing breeze that brought warmth and brisk air.

Shen Yanxiao waved her hand as she watched Shen Siyu leave the academy.

She was sorry that he had to go so soon.

She had been a free bird in her previous life, free from shackles and without any ties in the world.

It looked like she had people that she cared about in her new life.

Shen Feng, Shen Siyu, the four bastards, and the two mentors that she had found at Saint Laurent Academy had all become the bright jewel in her heart.

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