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Chapter 466: Two Handsome Men Singing amid the Green; A Crowd of Handsome Men Soaring into the Blue Sky (2)

Two breathtakingly handsome young men faced each other with only meters apart.

Shen Yanxiao realized that her presence there was quite unnecessary.

Why did she feel as if those two men were like a feast to the eyes She touched her dull disguise and thought about how her existence was a detriment to harmony and beauty.

“Shen Siyu I have looked forward to meeting you.” Qi Xia stepped toward the other man slowly.

He looked so pleasant as his crescent-moon shaped eyes glinted with a smile.

“You flatter me.

Everyone knows that the third young master of the Qilin Family is second to none when it comes to talent in learning magic.

You are also very well-versed in business skills.

I have admired your reputation for a while now,” Shen Siyus smile lingered as he replied gently.

Qi Xia glanced at Shen Yanxiao casually as she stood at the side with a complicated expression on her face.

Then he sifted his attention back onto Shen Siyu.

“You are too kind.

And you, Brother Shen, are the best amongst the young members in the Vermilion Bird family.”

Shen Yanxiao rolled her eyes as the two men continued to exchange praises and compliments.

Could they be more hypocritical

The Vermilion Bird family and the Qilin family had never been on good terms.

Did they need to butter each other like that

“Brother Shen, it looks like this is a rare visit from you to the Saint Laurent Academy.

Why dont I host a reception in your honor” Qi Xia asked with a smile.

“Then, I shall gladly oblige.” Shen Siyu did not refuse his offer.

Shen Yanxiao had the feeling that the two of them were trying to establish some discreet eye contact that she did not comprehend.

Otherwise, why were they so civil toward each other, and even hold each others arms as they galloped away to have a good time

Did the heads of their families know that they were in such a great relationship

Besides, Shen Yanxiao could feel it in her bones that Qi Xias so-called reception would very likely be…

Shen Yanxiao wiped her imaginary tears when the three of them found themselves in front of the underground casinos entrance.

She hoped that Mentor Xie Ling could forgive her! She did not think that she would be able to make it to the Archers Division that day, again!

“A casino” Shen Siyu looked at the dense crowd in the underground casino with surprise.

“I wonder if Brother Shen would be interested in a game or two.

We have many interesting ways to gamble here.

Other than gold coins, we also accept anything of value here.” Qi Xia held a white jade bone fan in his hand and waved it sluggishly.

Shen Siyu cast a brief glance at Shen Yanxiao.

Since she did not object to their presence there, he nodded and accepted Qi Xias invitation.

Shen Xianyao was dumbstruck when she realized that the profiteering merchant had tricked her kind and honest brother to that foul place.

Shen Siyu was a refined and gentle soul.

No matter how one tried, one could not picture him as someone who would go to such places.

Did that bastard, Qi Xia, want to go after her familys money

That guy was a profiteering merchant, indeed.

He could not even refuse to gain some money from his partners family.

However, in the next hour, Shen Yanxiao could finally witness what it meant to turn something terrible and rotten into rare and ethereal!

A small mountain of various priceless treasures had piled up in front of Shen Siyu.

Shen Yanxiao could hardly breathe as she found the scene quite unbelievable!

She was too shocked to see a gentle and good-mannered young man at a stinking casino enjoying his victory at the gambling table.

It was so hard to accept that Shen Yanxiao did not know how she felt about it.

Brother, why did you not tell me that you are a god of gamblers

Please show some mercy as your silly and adorable little sister had invested her share into the casino as well!

Qi Xia was not surprised by Shen Siyus winnings.

With a faint smile on his face, he draped his arm across Shen Yanxiaos shoulder and shielded his lips as he whispered, “There is more to your brother than meets the eye.”

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