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Chapter 461: Enemies on a Narrow Road (3)

Shen Ling had seen Shen Yanxiao in a new light just moments ago, and so he did not appreciate Shen Yues rudeness and arrogance.

“Hmph.” Shen Yue crossed his arms and looked at Shen Yanxiao with disdain.

“Jiayi had broken through to the sixth rank, and since I am here today, I shall take her to the Saint Laurent Academys Magus Division for her enrollment,” Shen Yue had a proud look on his face as he said that.

“Jiayi had broken through to the sixth rank” Shen Ling looked at Shen Yues proud expression in surprise.

Shen Jiayi had only been at the fifth rank just several months ago, so how did she break through to the sixth rank in just a few months Was that not too fast for her

Shen Yue was delighted when he noticed the surprise on Shen Lings face.

“Yes! So you shouldnt waste your time here any longer.

Whats there to talk to her Why dont you follow me to the Magus Division while I take Jiayi there.” Shen Yue was over the moon about his daughters rapid progress.

When he looked at his daughter, and then at that trash, there was simply no basis for comparison.

What kind of accomplishment could a herbalist achieve without any solid foundation

“Brother Siyu, would you accompany me, please” Shen Jiayi completely disregarded Shen Yanxiao and shyly approached Shen Siyu with a supposedly adorable appearance.

In the corner of her eyes, she stole a glance at Shen Yanxiao as she floated with a sense of pride.


Xiaoxiao, since youre more familiar with the academy, please come along with us as well.” Shen Siyu paid no heed to Shen Jiayis maiden-in-love look, and instead, he had invited Shen Yanxiao to go with them.

Shen Yanxiao brushed her nose and thought about how none of them had wanted her to go with them.

However, their displeasure was her joy!

“Sure.” Shen Yanxiao immediately agreed.

Shen Jiayu pouted and secretly scolded Shen Yanxiao a hundred thousand times over in her mind.

However, since Shen Siyu was present, she could only put on a pretense of kindness.

The six of them then left the Herbalist Division as Shen Yanxiao led them toward the Magus Division.

Along the way, Shen Jiayi had blabbered like a little bird and pestered Shen Siyu without an end.

“Brother Siyu, I have already broken through to the sixth rank now.

Do you think Im well-suited as a Magus”

“Brother Siyu, what did you specialize in Are you also a Magus”

Shen Jiayu chatted incessantly, but Shen Siyu did not answer any of her questions.

It was apparent that he was not interested in speaking to her.

When she noticed Shen Siyus lukewarm attitude with her, anger bubbled within Shen Jiayi.

She was only 14 years old, and she had broken through to the sixth rank.

Her talent was only slightly inferior to Shen Yifeng, and one could say that she was pretty good for a girl.

She thought that Shen Siyu would give her a compliment or two, but he did not.

When she did not get any response from Shen Siyu, Shen Jiayi could only vent her anger on Shen Yanxiao.

“Hey, youve been in the Saint Laurent Academy for several months now.

So how are you coping” Shen Jiayi asked with a smirk.

Unlike the other professions, there was no strict requirement for one to become an herbalist, and it was a path that anyone could attempt.

Shen Jiayi thought that the herbalist profession was a job that waited for death.

Shen Yanxiao glared at her, but she did not say anything.

“Sister, you shouldnt make things difficult for her.

She has only been here for several months and I reckon that she is still an apprentice.

How well do you think shed be I presume things would stay the same for her for about three to five years.

Shes not as talented as you, Sister.

I even think that you can become a Junior Magus in less than a year,” Shen Jiawei sang in the same tune as his sister.

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